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Last Minute Flower Gifts For Your Loved Ones

January 19, 2024 7 min read

Had some trouble and forgot to buy a gift for your loved ones? Worry not! Flower Chimp is here to lend a hand. Flowers are a simple but great gift to offer to those you love as many blossoms mean love, compassion, gratitude and happiness in the language of flowers. At Flower Chimp we have a wide variety of flowers bouquets that can send your message of love and appreciation.

If you’re in need of a gift as soon as possible, we even offer a same day flower delivery nationwide in the Philippines! We pride ourselves on our swift and safe delivery experience, we ensure that your bouquet of flowers will arrive to you or your loved ones in pristine condition, keeping its quality and beauty intact, ready to be gifted.

So order Flower Chimp today or tomorrow, because no matter the time or day we’ll be there ready to deliver your flowers with grace and in time.

Flower Bouquets


A simple go-to flower gift is aflower bouquet, the beautiful arrangement of the flowers and the stylistic shape of the bouquet are sure to move the hearts of your loved ones. A flower bouquet also fits any occasion if you are truly in need of a last minute gift. Whether it's for a graduation, a mother’s day gift, an anniversary, a birthday or a romantic gesture. You cannot go wrong with a bouquet. At Flower Chimp we have a dazzling array of flowers bouquets.



Sunflowers are a perfect choice of flowers as a gift for any occasion. They symbolize joy, warmth and positivity because of their bright yellow petals and sun-like shape. Sunflower bouquets are the choice for friends and family as they represent long life and lasting happiness.


The most iconic flower for a bouquet, the rose. Its brilliant red hue and stunning petals are symbolic of love and romance. Often given as a Valentine’s Day gift but they are also given during graduation, birthday debuts and anniversaries. A truly versatile flowers bouquet perfect for any occasion.


Tulips are a simple flower that holds great meaning in the language of flowers. They are a symbol of deep and perfect love, given to those you have unconditional love for, like a child or a parent. Tulips are also associated with grace, elegance and affection. It can be used to express deep friendship, admiration, or bond.


Lilies are a beautiful flower that have bright and elegant petals. They are perfect to capture a moment of romance and friendship. Often associated with purity and innocence, they are great gifts for those who have a new baby. Lilies are known for their ‘soft’ fragrance and are perfect for a calm and serene environment.

Birthday Flowers


Celebrate birthdays with a burst of color and fragrance through Flower Chimp's enchanting birthday flowers. Our flower bouquets are crafted to perfection, offering vibrant blooms that serve as the perfect birthday surprise. Celebrate the day with our thoughtfully arranged flowers, turning ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. Flower Chimp – where birthday surprise ideas bloom into beautiful gestures of love and joy.

La Vie En Rose + Ube Cake Bundle


Make a birthday feel extra special with this beautiful bouquet of vibrant roses. And no birthday is complete without a birthday cake! We offer an Ube cake as a bundle with this bouquet for a sweet and tasty surprise.


For an elegant and graceful moment, this bouquet is perfect for the more serious type of birthdays. A black bouquet of vibrant red roses adorned with baby breaths (Gypsophila) is a stunning sight to see. It's the perfect mix of elegance and adoration.

Lily Love


This elegant and mesmerizing bouquet is a burst of nature and beauty. It’s a luxurious mix of the elegant lily and beautiful rose. A perfect flowers bouquet for a grand celebration like a birthday.

Rose Bouquets


Flower Chimp offers a wide selection of rose bouquets that can fit to any occasion. We have ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and of course for romance. The rose is one of the most versatile flowers when it comes to celebrations and gift-giving. It is truly the go-to flower for loved ones and significant others.

99 Roses

Want to express your love in the most grandiose way? We recommend the majestic 99 Roses bouquet! This particular bouquet has a black wrapping which adds a sense of luxury and elegance. With the 99 roses, it’s as if you are saying “I Love You” 99 times, make sure to say the 100th ‘I Love You’ with all your heart and soul.

12 Red Roses Korean Style

A popular rose bouquet because of its Korean style which symbolizes true love. The 12 roses can represent the 12 months of the year, perfect for an anniversary gift. It can be gifted to express your complete love and gratitude for your significant other.


Impress your own sweetheart with this dazzling bouquet of lush red roses, complemented with baby breath, and adorned with the elegant white lily right at the center. This flowers bouquet is sure to please that special someone with its premium flower arrangement.


A vibrant array of pastel and pink colors! This bouquet will never fail to put a smile on your recipient. The subtle and soft pastel colors of the white carnation makes the vibrant pink carnation stand out. But the creme dela creme of this bouquet are the champagne roses. Perfect for brightening up the day of your loved ones.

Chocolate Bouquets


Surprise your loved ones with a fragrant and sweet gift of flowers and chocolate! At Flower Chimp we like to offer bundles and add-ons to our flower bouquets, ensuring you get a wide range of options for gifts and surprises. One popular combination is flowers and chocolates! A vibrant beautiful bouquet paired with sweet delicious chocolates is a premium combo for all occasions. So order achocolate bouquet from Flower Chimp where we take sweetness to a whole new level.

30 Red Roses and Ferrero

A lovely hand bouquet of 30 red majestic roses topped with the delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This bouquet is a perfect marriage between beauty and sweetness.

Sweeter Together


Want to spoil your loved one with a bundle of sweetness? This Flower-Bouquet inspired chocolate bundle is an arrangement of sweets that will please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sweet Admiration


How about a luxurious bundle of love, romance, and sweetness. Make a loved one jump for joy with this flower-bouquet inspired chocolate arrangement of 36 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. Guaranteed to make any chocolate lover feel loved and appreciated.

Gifts for Men


Discover the perfect expression of appreciation with Flower Chimp'sgifts for men. From birthdays to special occasions, our curated selection caters to every celebration. Find the best gifts for men, meticulously chosen to make your loved one's day extraordinary. Whether it's a thoughtful birthday gift or a surprise for your boyfriend, Flower Chimp ensures the best gift for your special man, combining quality and sentiment for a truly memorable gesture.

Buddy Jade Plant


We have this gorgeous Jade Plant, straight from South Africa. This is a cute and stunning piece of decoration that will lighten up any space. A Jade Plant is also an easy to take care of plant so no worries about having a green thumb. To top it off it comes with a cute man-holding-a-pot flower pot!

Photo Memory Mug

Immortalize your favorite memory of your man with this personalized custom mug. Just upload your picture and you are done! Keep your memories forever in a sweet and simple way.

Gifts for Women


Express your love and appreciation with Flower Chimp'sgifts for women. Our carefully curated selection features the best gifts for women, perfect for birthdays or any special occasion. Explore a world of thoughtfully chosen presents, designed to make your girlfriend's day truly extraordinary. Flower Chimp ensures the best gift for your special woman, combining elegance and sentiment for a memorable gesture that speaks volumes of appreciation and love.

The Eternal Rose


This preserved flower decoration is a great and personal gift. The Eternal Rose represents eternal love, a love that will last forever and never fade. Have this as a symbol of devoted grace in their heart, for a lifetime of pure love.

Birthday Girl Mug

Wish the birthday girl a fabulous celebration with this personalized gift! Add the birthday girl’s name and a picture of her or a picture with you for a more personal touch. A customized mug will be a great gift as a decorative piece.

Potted Plants


Potted Plants are a great way to add green and life to a space. Having a plant will make a workspace more lively, there’s just a certain charm to a potted plant in any location. If your loved one is a plant lover and loves cute styled pots then they will love Flower Chimp’spotted plants. A perfect gift to elevate a space for work, personal desk, or as a simple decoration.

Princess Rose Cabbage


Come say ‘Hi’ to the enchanting Princess Rose Cabbage, a one-of-a-kind beauty from South Africa. This little darling is a breeze to take care of making it a perfect gift choice for new and busy plant parents. The elegant rose crown adds a certain charm to the already mesmerizing plant. This potted plant is a great way of adding whimsy and wonder to any space.

Pup Jade Plant


Want an adorable indoor and low-maintenance friend to liven up a space? Then adopt the Jade Plant Pup! Hailing from South Africa this cute little buddy will be a great addition to any living, personal or work space. It only needs small amounts of love to thrive in any place. But one thing is for sure, it will always bring a smile to your face.

Anthurium Bloom


The gorgeous Anthurium plant, a staple to all plant parents. The gleaming leaves and the heart-shaped vibrant red “flowers” of this plant is a symbol of joy, hospitality, and abundance. This eye catcher of a plant hails from South America. It thrives in humid and warm environments and requires minimal maintenance. This plant is perfect for those who love to host and charm guests with beautiful decorum.

Thinking of last minute gifts for your loved ones is stressful and tough. You want to show them the support and care you have for them because they have also shown the same amount of care and support to you. Ensure that they feel validated and respected with this carefully curated list of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts. Flower Chimp is here to help you make their day as special as they are. Send your most deep and devoted appreciation with the best gifts we offer. At Flower Chimp where time and appreciation go hand in hand.

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