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Flower Basket

Flower baskets are a great gift on many occasions. Be it a lush basket full of roses for a romantic surprise or wedding anniversary, or maybe a basket of gerberas and Ferrero Chocolates!


Your Number 1 Flower Basket Delivery in The Philippines

Flowers can be beautiful gifts that come in a variety of arrangements. One type of floral arrangement is a favorite among flower lovers – the flower basket. Unlike the iconic flower bouquets or standing flower arrangements, flower baskets are great as display pieces to an otherwise bland background. Today, you don’t have to spend time out looking for a flower basket. You can simply order a flower basket delivery anywhere in the Philippines with Flower Chimp. Flower Chimp is your number one flower basket delivery in the Philippines. Our selection of elegant flower arrangements make the ideal gifts for any occasion. 

All Types Of Flower Baskets

Just as there are a huge variety of flowers species, there are many flower basket types. The essentials for a charming flower basket are firstly the basket type. You can get baskets with handles or open baskets. Open baskets are easier to arrange as they can fit larger flowers of varying heights. Flower baskets are great because you can set them down in cozy corner as lovely décor. The flowers bring a soft touch to the atmosphere in the room.

The most iconic of flower baskets is the basket of roses. Roses can be used for any occasion – birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation parties. White roses can be used for sad moments such as funerals too. Other flower types include lilies, carnations, tulips, sunflowers, and gerberas. You could also add in more exotic flowers such as orchids and bird of paradise. A mix of flower types works well for a bright and cheerful ensemble. The blend of rainbow colors brings joy and a happy mood to anyone who receives it. 

We partner with local florists and flower experts in the location closest to your delivery point to bring you the freshest flowers baskets. They create designs from your favorite flowers to make the perfect wedding and engagement bouquets you can think of. Go ahead and order yours today.

Thanks to our collaboration with expert florists and flower designers, we know the ins and outs of wedding flower fashion. Our handmade selection of flower baskets are made with passion and a keen eye for detail. It is no wonder that our customers have a smile on their face when they receive their intricate and lovely flower basket delivery. 

Same-Day Delivery on Flower Baskets

Gone are the days where we physically go out to buy flower baskets. These days, with online shopping, we can place our orders online in the comfort of our own homes. At Flower Chimp, our easy-step process to choose, customize, and purchase flower baskets makes it simple to get yours. But it’s gets better. If you want to get yours within the same day, it is possible. With same-day delivery, you won’t have to wait too long to get your flowers. Browse the same-day delivery flowers available and enjoy a wide variety of flower baskets and more.

Whether you live in Metro Manila or any other city, our same-day delivery service can reach you within the day when orders are placed before the cut off time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Make your order before our 2:30 PM cut-off in order for it to be delivered on the same day. Order Now

We currently offer two (2) delivery slots and they are:
a) 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Order to be placed at least one (1) day in advance
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Yes, we do! You can choose to add on chocolates, cakes, message balloons and plushies to make your bouquet set extra special.
Our flowers bouquets start from ₱999 (visit our flowers bouquets page) to have yours delivered today.