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2022 Father’s Day Gifts Ideas in Philippines

If you are tired of the same old Father’s Day gifts, we have a new suggestion —Father’s Day flowers! We know it is a little ‘out there’ but hear us out. Men love flowers just as much as you love giving them. Rarely do men ever admit to liking flowers because they hardly receive it in the first place! However, these pretty bouquets are one of the best Father’s Day gifts in 2022 to represent the affection you have towards dad, which is not an easy thing to do given their cool and calm demeanour. 


If you’re sold on the idea of flowers for dad, Flower Chimp is your best bet to browse a myriad of wonderful bouquets across town. We understand that dads hold a special place in everyone’s hearts, that’s why we take pride in our Father’s Day gift collection by ensuring every single item we put out is unique, well-crafted, and thought out. We owe this trait to our passionate in-house florists who take the time to ensure every single bouquet adheres to the highest standards of quality control.


Deliver Father’s Day Flowers to Your Doorstep

At Flower Chimp, we not only save you the hassle of combing through every florist in town, we also provide the freshest floral gifts across major cities in the Philippines including Metro Manila, Makati City, Taguig City, San Juan city, Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Baguio City, Cebu City and Davao City — ensuring dads everywhere receives their gift no matter where they are within our vicinity.


Choosing the Ideal Flowers for Father’s Day

Now that you know where to find the best Father’s Day gifts, let’s move on to the flowers that you should be looking out for. Just like how certain flowers are associated with females, ‘male-centric flowers’ too have their distinctive qualities. Colours would always be the first thing people notice about flowers. A good start would be to go for blooms that have sharper and bolder colour schemes like passionate red roses or vibrant sunflowers because stronger tones tend to resonate more with men.


Same-Day Delivery for Father’s Day flowers

Despite it being out of our sight, every single gesture of affection leaves a deep impact on our parents, more so if you are no longer living together. With Flower Chimp by your side, sending gifts for dads in the Philippines is now easier than ever. So, this Father’s Day, there’s no reason not to put a smile on his face. Take a short while to browse our site and give Dad a long time of happiness, a gesture that truly says “Happy Father’s Day Papa!”


Like all special events, we, more than anyone else, understand that timing is of the essence when it comes to receiving presents. If you’ve had a hectic day and the thought of buying a gift accidentally slipped your mind, worry not for Flower Chimp offers same-day delivery for all orders that are placed online before cut-off time. We’ve even made the entire online order process easy with category selections so you could seamlessly complete your purchase and surprise your dad in a time that truly matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we do! You can choose to add on chocolates, cakes, message balloons and plushies to make your bouquet set extra special.
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