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Florist in Valenzuela | Flower Delivery to Valenzuela

When in Valenzuela, shop with us for the most beautiful bouquets - with only the best flowers in town, we've got the perfect fit for all your special occasions.

Hear ye! It’s true that the city of Valenzuela never sleeps, and sometimes, neither do we. Shop from Flower Chimp’s variety of flower bouquets and other arrangements for delivery on the very same day throughout Valenzuela! Gift someone you love a personal token of your appreciation, and remind them just how much they mean to you. Flower Chimp delivers handmade bouquets all over the region of Valenzuela -so snag your very own right now and make someone’s day.

The History of Valenzuela

Located in the National Region of Philippines, Valenzuela is smack dab in one of the more urbanized locations and also situated north of Manila. Valenzuela is known not only for their intimate relationship with Spanish history, but for their developed ecology and agriculture. Valenzuela first got it’s name from the infamous Pio Valenzuela; who was both a practicing physician and high member of the Katipunan -a secret organisation opposing the rule of the colonial Spanish government. Although Valenzuela was previously known as Polo, President Garcia formed what’s known as Valenzuela back in 1960 when he split the land to form another town.

Exploring Valenzuela

Valenzuela is a paradise worth exploring if you’re a person vying for the peace and quiet of a town area, but with still enough harmony to get away from the noise of an overcrowded lifestyle. The quaint but modern town, Valenzuela is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind your mind, body and soul -a city that never sleeps but yet threads that perfect balance between modernity and tranquility. Also having the title of the “northern gateway to Metro Manila”, you can also count on Valenzuela being one of Philippines’ top residential and business areas. Needless to say, you’re definitely in for a treat when living in Valenzuela!

Flowers To Buy In Valenzuela

There is no occasion in the world that isn’t made all the better with flowers. If you’re on the hunt for a way to express your feelings of gratitude, romance, appreciation, condolences or to simply bring an accessory along -you can count on us to get the job done. Here at Flower Chimp Valenzuela, we make it our utmost priority to making sure your flowers get delivered on time. Even so, our readiness to deliver does in no way compromise the quality of our flowers, so you can expect the best of both worlds when you order from Flower Chimp. Our team of dedicated florists over at the region of Valenzuela are skilled at preparing your next flower fix, and always ready to help you write your own intimate and personally handwritten message when on the next order.

Clueless about what to buy? Here’s some good bouquet ideas to bring along for your next event :-

  • Just For You- Convey vibrant emotions to your heart’s extent with these special flower arrangement! There is no better word to describe the atmosphere of Valenzuela much like friendly and warm, and that’s just what this bouquet resembles. The Just For You Bouquet consists of fresh flowers that are pastel in colours -fit for a subtle yet elegant affair.
  • 12 Red Roses Korean Style - A classic that will never go out of style, the red roses are the way to go when you’re at a complete block about what to get. The flowers come gorgeously wrapped up in a Korean-like arrangement that would be a perfect gift for your fellow K-crazy Valenzuelan friend. It’s simply foolproof! Romantic dinner? Check. Mother/Father’s Day? Check.
  • So Sunny Bouquet- The flowers of joy, happiness and celebration -sunflowers will always remain a Valenzuelan favourite! Nothing quite compares to the jovial nature of Valenzuela and it’s locals much like this So Sunny Bouquet; so you’ll be definitely making the right choice with them.

We also have wide selections of flowers that you can choose from for all occasions - Christmas, anniversary, birthday, romance, grand opening, get well, graduation, funeral, new baby, Mother’s Day or any other occasions.