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Florist in Pasay

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Situated all the way north from Manila, Pasay has gone above and beyond when it comes to being an urban city worth full of tourist attractions and towns rich to the brim with Philippine culture. Pasay comes as a breath of fresh air compared to the busy nature of packed city centres, and instead presents a fresh outlook on life in a peaceful town.

Pasay beyond the flowers

The humble city of Pasay started out with small beginnings, but then quickly became an urbanized town in the American colonial era; due to it’s close and convenient location nearby Manila. Pasay is also greatly known for its history in the farming industry, which then eventually branched out to both manufacturing and fishing industries that started to boom all over the barrio. Due to its proximity from Manila, Pasay has become the choices of many when thinking of setting up businesses, local companies and residences. Affordability and quality of life go hand in hand over here at Pasay! The city of Pasay continues to be a city full of progress complete with an urban set up and budget-friendly amenities throughout.

History of Pasay

Although considered to be a quiet town, Pasay is in no way dull. Pasay has much to offer, from helpful and friendly locals to centuries old architecture, full of history. Pasay is not only a city of rich colonial heritage, but also of local culture that lasts for hundreds of years. Some places to visit when in Pasay would be Roxas Boulevard, Resorts World Manila as well as the oldest church in Pasay -Sta. Clara Church. Cross them off your list when visiting this gorgeous spot, the city of Pasay has no shortage of what to offer!

Flower Delivery in Pasay

With the help of Flower Chimp Pasay, you’re bound to get unbeatable quality matched with affordability and speed; all whilst shopping at your convenience. Our job is to make your experience with Flower Chimp a smooth one, so feel free to take your time and browse all of what our e-commerce Pasay site has to offer. Go through hundreds of different flower bouquets, table arrangements, flower stands and countless more decor that Flower Chimp Pasay has to show on our site. Order these arrangements before cut-off time (Metro Manila) and we’ll throw in a delivery on the same day as well! Our dedicated team of florists are committed to bringing you all the best of our flowers, and are now delivered throughout the region of Pasay in no time at all.

Flowers To Buy in Pasay

Cracking your head over what flowers to buy? Let Flower Chimp Pasay help! Here are some suggestions to get you started:-

  • Pink/Red Roses- We all know that roses mainly stand for romance -but do you know that pink roses can be so much more versatile? Pink or bright red roses from Pasay are all about the youthful, vibrant and jovial expression of affection; so if you’d ever need something for a fellow girlfriend, sister or mother, this would do the trick!
  • Gerberas - Gerberas are not only a symbol of purity in Pasay, they’re also great for conveying a childlike innocence. They can also translate to a devotion for everything to do with happiness; mainly the gorgeous rays of sunlight.
  • Baby’s Breath - This versatile flower in Pasay can stand for everything from self-discipline to the marriage between two loved ones. Baby’s breath last a long time, so just keep in mind that these flower arrangements also mean a long commitment.


We also have wide selections of flowers that you can choose from for all occasions - Christmasanniversarybirthday, valentines day, grand opening, get well, graduation, funeral, new baby, Mother’s Day or any other occasions.