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Send a cake with Flower Chimp for any occasion.Free cake delivery across the Philippines! Explore our chocolate cakes, cheese cakes and many more.
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Philippines was named after Philip II, who was king of Spain during the Spanish colonization of the islands in the 16th century. The Philippines has many cultural affinities with the West. It is, for example, the second-most-populous Asian country with English as an official language. Filipinos take Agriculture very serious, it was estimated that over 27.7% of the population are into Agriculture. They are the major producer of crops and fruit like rice, coconut, rubber, sugar, abaca and corn.

The Philippines is a popular destination for a vacation and a place to view and experience nature's real beauty. What tourist could even forget the jeepney, the only vehicle of its kind in the world? Or the Filipinos’ habit of kissing the hands of their elders. Truly, the Philippines is a host to a lot of different traditions cultivated within centuries of colonial rule and shaped by indigenous practices handed down from generation to generation. The country is known for having its rich biodiversity as its main tourist attraction - its beaches, heritage towns and monuments, mountains, rain forests, islands and diving spots are among the country's most popular tourist destinations. Filipinos have a strong sense of family and community. They are very gregarious and like to talk and hang out with family and friends. They love to fool around, gossip, make jokes and tease one another. 

Filipinos have been known to celebrate birthdays and generally just love any reason to party! Birthdays are never complete without gifts, noodles for long life, and a birthday cake for a sweet ending! 

Even on a normal day, when your sweet tooth is aching for a slice of cake, you can conveniently order your favorite cakes online. Flower Chimp is the one-stop-shop for your gifting needs - with fresh flowers, delicious cakes, and even balloons that you can order and have it delivered to anywhere in the Philippines

What makes the cakes in Flower Chimp unique?

Flower Chimp Philippines has a curated collection of cakes from the best bakers in the country who have been known to serving the best and the favorite cakes of the Filipinos from Ube Cakes and Rainbow Cakes to classics like the Black Forrest Cakes and Chocolate Cakes.

Gone are the days of queuing up in the line of a bakery with Flower Chimp's delivery service and secure online payment system. With the mission to not only sell mouth-watering cakes but also make the customer's life easier with door to door delivery.