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July 28, 2023 6 min read


Welcome to the vibrant world of gift-giving in the Filipino workplace! As we embrace the spirit of camaraderie and community, let's explore some heartwarming and thoughtful gift ideas for our hardworking coworkers in 2023. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just a gesture of appreciation, we've got you covered with unique, inexpensive, and meaningful presents. So, let's spread the love and create lasting memories with these delightful gifts!

Top Office Gift Ideas


  1. Personalized Desk Nameplate - A custom-made nameplate with their name and a motivational quote to add a personal touch to their workspace.

  2. Bluetooth Speaker - A compact and portable speaker that allows them to enjoy their favorite tunes during office breaks or gatherings.

  3. Desk Plant- A low-maintenance plant to liven up their desk, purify the air, and create a soothing atmosphere.

  4. Leather-bound Journal - A classy journal for jotting down notes, ideas, or simply as a stylish addition to their professional image.

  5. Office Game Set - A set of small games like a mini-basketball hoop or a desktop dartboard for quick stress relief and fun bonding moments with colleagues.

Unique Office Gifts for Coworkers

Let's explore those one-of-a-kind gifts that truly stand out in a sea of generic presents. How about a "kakaibang" (extraordinary) desk plant that adds life to their workspace or a "chibog" (food) gift set with local delicacies to tickle their taste buds? Unique office gifts add a personal touch, reminding our coworkers that they are cherished individuals in our work-life adventure.


Got an ex-coworker, now turned friend, in Malaysia who just launched a new business? Send them a hearty congrats with beautiful grand opening flowers!

3D Printed Pen Holder 

Elevate their desk aesthetics with this innovative and visually striking pen holder, showcasing modern design and boundless creativity. It's a functional yet artistic addition to their workspace, sure to impress coworkers and spark conversations.


Handcrafted Soap Set


Pamper your colleagues with a delightful collection of locally made, artisanal soaps. Each soap boasts unique scents and skin-loving ingredients, providing a luxurious self-care experience that will leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Plantable Seed Paper Notepad

A gift that keeps on giving! This sustainable and creative notepad allows them to jot down notes and, once used, plant the paper to grow beautiful flowers. It's a thoughtful gesture that nurtures both their productivity and the environment.


Pop-up Greeting Cards

Intricate, handcrafted cards that pop up into 3D shapes, making each greeting a delightful surprise.


Personalized Caricature Mug

Brighten up their coffee breaks with a personalized touch of humor! This coffee mug features a playful caricature of your coworker, bringing smiles and laughter to their daily dose of caffeine.

What are Good, Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

You don't need to break the bank to show your appreciation to your "kasama sa trabaho" (work buddy). We'll share some wallet-friendly yet thoughtful gift ideas, such as a "tipid" (budget-friendly) desk organizer or a "sulit" (worth it) self-care package with pampering essentials. The best gifts come from the heart, and with these ideas, you can make your coworkers feel valued without spending a fortune.

Motivational Poster 


Brighten up your coworkers' workspace with inspirational posters adorned with uplifting quotes. These motivational reminders will infuse positivity into their daily routine, inspiring them to tackle challenges with renewed vigor and a can-do attitude.


Scented Candles

Create a serene and cozy ambiance in the office with a selection of scented candles. The calming fragrances will help your colleagues relax and unwind during stressful moments, making the workplace a more soothing and pleasant environment.


Stress Ball

Offer your coworkers a simple yet effective stress-reliever – the classic stress ball. Squeezing this handy accessory during busy workdays can help them release tension and alleviate stress, promoting better focus and productivity.


Colorful Desk Organizer


Keep your coworkers' desks neat and organized with a budget-friendly desk organizer. With compartments for pens, papers, and office essentials, this practical gift ensures their workspace stays tidy and clutter-free, making it easier for them to concentrate on their tasks.


Customized Sticky Notes

Personalized sticky notes with their name or a special message, adding a personal touch to their office supplies.

Gift Ideas for a Large Group of Coworkers


For those times when you want to extend your gratitude to the entire team, we've got the perfect suggestions. Opt for a "bonggang regalo" (grand gift) like a team-building activity or a "sama-samang handog" (collective offering) of office snacks. Celebrating as a group fosters unity, creating a joyful atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and valued.

  • Team-Building Event - Organize a fun team-building activity like a sports day, a cooking competition, or an escape room challenge.
  • Snack Basket - A big basket filled with an assortment of delicious snacks and treats to share during office celebrations.
  • Office Decorations - Invest in festive decorations to spruce up the office during special occasions and add a touch of celebration.
  • Customized T-shirts - Design matching T-shirts for the team with a quirky slogan or the company's logo to create a sense of unity.
  • Photo Collage - Create a heartfelt collage with pictures of memorable moments shared together, reminding them of the tight-knit work family.

Small Gift Ideas for Female Coworkers

Ladies in the workplace deserve a little extra appreciation. We'll explore small but meaningful gifts for our "mga mare sa opisina" (office gal pals), like a cute "kikay kit" (makeup pouch) or a "pa-sweet" (adorable) desk accessory. Showcasing thoughtfulness through these small gestures can go a long way in nurturing strong bonds with our female coworkers.


Personalized Keychain 

Make your coworker feel special with a cute keychain customized with their name or initials. Not only will it add a personal touch to their belongings, but it'll also make finding their keys a breeze, ensuring they're never lost again.


Dainty Jewelry Tray 


Elevate your female coworker's workspace with an elegant jewelry tray. This small yet sophisticated accessory will keep their precious jewelry safe and organized while they work, adding a touch of sophistication to their desk.


Pocket Mirror

Gift your colleague a stylish pocket mirror that's both practical and chic. With a beautiful design, it'll be their go-to tool for quick touch-ups and makeup checks, ensuring they're always looking their best throughout the day.

Birthday/Christmas Gifts for Female Coworkers

Special occasions call for extra special gifts! Delve into a world of "bigay-todo" (extra special) presents for the "babaeng trabahador" (working women) in your office. Consider a "bonggang regalo" (grand gift) like a planner adorned with inspiring quotes or a "malupet" (awesome) personalized keychain. Remember, it's the thought and effort that count the most.

Wellness Subscription Box

A subscription to a wellness box filled with self-care items like bath salts, herbal teas, and skincare products.


Cozy Blanket Scarf 


A soft and stylish scarf that doubles as a cozy blanket, perfect for staying warm during the colder months.


Desk Plant Terrarium 

A small, enchanting terrarium that brings a touch of nature to their desk and provides a sense of calm.


Personalized Leather Portfolio 

A sleek leather portfolio with their name engraved, perfect for keeping documents organized and in style.


Inspirational Book


Gift them a motivational book written by a Filipino author, encouraging personal and professional growth.

Meaningful Gifts for Male Coworkers

Let's not forget our "machong ka-opisina" (manly office mates) who deserve heartfelt gifts too. Explore ideas like a "barako" (strong) coffee set or a "maka-kalaban" (competitive) board game for their leisure time. Meaningful gifts demonstrate that we see our male coworkers not just as colleagues, but as friends and confidantes on this professional journey.


Engraved Travel Mug

Make their daily commute a joy with a sturdy travel mug personalized with their name or a heartfelt message. This thoughtful gift ensures their favorite beverages stay hot and comforting during busy journeys.


Office Plant Set


Infuse their workspace with a breath of fresh air and positivity! A trio of low-maintenance indoor plants adds a touch of greenery, creating a calming ambiance that boosts productivity and lifts spirits.


Leather Key Organizer

Help your coworker stay stylish and organized with a sophisticated leather key organizer. Say goodbye to jingling keys and hello to a sleek and practical solution that keeps their essentials in check.


Gift-giving is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond among coworkers, turning colleagues into "pamilya" (family). With these top gift ideas for Filipino offices in 2023, we hope you'll find the perfect presents that embody the warmth, appreciation, and camaraderie of Filipino workplace culture. So go ahead, surprise your coworkers with a "paandar" (wow factor) gift and let them know how much they mean to you. Happy gift-giving!