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December 10, 2021 6 min read

It’s finally our favourite time of the year - Christmas is finally here. As the merriment of jingle bells, and Santa’s laughter fills the air - we are reminded of the joy of giving. Christmas is nothing without the gift of giving to others - to let our loved ones know just how much they mean to us. But getting our gift list in order is a bit of a difficult task - with so many colleagues, friends and family members to shop for - you may just not know where or how to begin. The holidays don’t have to be this stressful - which is why we’ve created your quintessential holiday shopping list - with the perfect gift ideas for everyone you love, with the best Christmas gifts in the Philippines for 2021.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Get your friends checked off of the gift list this year with gifts just as wonderful, unique and fun as them! Make your gift for that extra special friend stand out from the rest with a little twist. While everyone’s probably running for the malls, the department stores or to pick up a set of candles for their friends - think bigger, better and bloomier this year. While we’re quick to send our sweetheart flowers - why should our friends be treated any less special?

Your friend deserves a gift right from the heart - an arrangement of gorgeous petals that truly encapsulates the special relationship you share. Want something sweet and simple? Go for our gorgeous arrangement of wonderful violet hues with our Tinsel Treasures flower bouquet - that’s sure to out the brightest of smiles on their face. If they’re a fan of interior decor - send them one of our boxed flower arrangements - perhaps our festive St. Lucia flower box arrangement, or our pretty in pink Angela boxed blooms. Whatever you choose, an arrangement of festive blooms is sure to add a little festive magic to their home or workspace - and put the brightest of smiles on their face.

Want to make your gift even more special? Add on our Banana Bread Gift Bundle into the mix, with a decadent loaf of buttery banana bread, and an assortment of Green Tea to go along. It’s the perfect little addition that’ll add twice the warmth and sweetness to their Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents

Perhaps the most important gift you’ll pick up this holiday season is for your parents. Whether it’s for your mom and dad, or mother and father in law, sending them the perfect gift for Christmas is essential. Thank them for all the love and care they give you, with a gift that’ll light up the holiday home this Christmas season - so you can make your love and care for them known, whether you’re celebrating near or far.

Send them a gorgeous arrangement of flowers to light up the home, and deck the halls with this Christmas season. For something sweet, simple and warm - pick up our Helia flower bouquet with bright and beautiful sunflowers, and ravishing red roses. For the minimalist holiday home - go with our gorgeous boxed bloom - Estelle, an arrangement of pristine white roses, sprays of red carnations, and holiday ornaments and rustic pinecones. And finally, for the parents who enjoy hosting Christmas parties and dinners - send them the perfect centrepiece for the table - our dazzling red Christmas Miracle mini tree, decked with beautiful blooms in red, and glimmering ornaments to add a little festive sparkle.

What you definitely can’t forget is something sweet - go traditional with our Large Fruit Basket, brimming with fresh seasonal fruits, that’ll add a little sweetness and love to their holiday season. Whatever you decide to gift your parents this Christmas, an addition of a lovely fruit basket is absolutely essential.

Christmas Gifts For Him

Whether it’s for your brother, your boyfriend or your male best friend - the way to any man’s heart is truly with something sweet. There’s no better gift than the gift of deliciousness for him this Christmas. Send him a gift that he’s sure to relish throughout the festive season and put the brightest of smiles on his face with a chocolatey delight.

Looking for something simple and sweet? Go with our Choco Loco chocolate bouquet - brimming with everyone’s favourite chocolates, that he can relish throughout the holiday season! Want to go bigger and bolder? Our Sweet Admiration chocolate bouquet - with 36 stalks of delicious Ferrero Rochers is just the way to go - with all the sweetness in the world, he’s sure to feel absolutely spoiled with this gift for the holiday season.

Want something for that extra special guy in your life? We’ve got the perfect gift ideas for him too! Go with the gift of bloom - because men truly do love flowers too. For the man who can’t get enough of Christmas treats - our Sunkissed Gift Box Bundle is just the way to go, with a gorgeous sunflower bouquet and a gift box with banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and green tea - he’s sure to be delighted throughout the Christmas season. And for the man who likes something classic and sophisticated - go with our Golden Cheer mini Christmas tree decked with gorgeous Christmas ornaments, and a decadent serving of Ferrero Rochers. It’s the perfect gift for him to decorate his desk with - and indulge a little throughout the season.

Christmas Gifts For Her

Every woman dreams of getting the gift of bloom - a beautiful arrangement of gorgeous flowers is just the way to make her feel your love and appreciation this holiday season. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for your sister, your girlfriend, your wide - or just about any important lady in your life, think bloomy.

Send her a sophisticated arrangement of ravishing red roses with our Aubrey boxed bloom arrangement - a gift that is sure to put a smile on her face, every time she sees it. If she’s a fan of fabulous hues of pink - our Forever Now boxed bloom arrangement is the way to go; with lovely red and pink roses, sprays of baby’s breath, and Ferrero Rochers - she’s sure to love this gift that’s perfect for decorating the home or workspace. Looking for something even better for that extra special girl? Our Jade Gift Box Bundle is sure to make her day! With an arrangement of ravishing red roses and baby’s breath, paired with a gift box full of banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and green tea - she’s sure to have a very merry holiday season, when she’s got this gift.

Even if she isn’t a fan of flowers - go with a bouquet; a bouquet filled with chocolate that is! Spoil her with our pink Chocolate Dream bouquet - filled with decadent treats that she can indulge in throughout the Christmas season. Whatever you choose to send the lovely lady in your life - remember, something sweet is a must.

Christmas Gifts For Kids

No one’s as excited for the holiday season as the kiddos! With wish lists and Christmas tinsel bobbing out of your little angel’s hands - finding the perfect gift is the cherry on top, and absolutely essential to making their Christmas season truly memorable. Whether it’s for your own little kiddos, or your friend’s, your nephews, or your nieces - finding the right gift to make sure yours stands out under the tree may be a little difficult. While toys are definitely essential - adding in a little something extra special could make all the difference this holiday season.

Pair your Christmas toy gifts with something super sweet to add a little extra cheer to their holiday season - our Banana Bread And Cookies Gift Bundle is the perfect add on, with enough sweetness for everyone at home to share. Want to go even sweeter? Our Sweeter Together chocolate bouquet - filled with children’s favourite chocolates is a surefire way to make them jump with joy, and keep their spirits merry and bright.

Looking for something different? Our Cuddly Chirstmas gift set - with an adorable little plush, and a festive Christmas plant is the perfect gift for them to decorate their room with a little extra Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little princess - our Pink Wonderland mini Christmas is just the way to go. With beautiful blooms, pretty in pink and dazzling pink ornaments to go along, she’s sure to fall in love with every petal in this marvellous arrangement.

Now that you’ve got your guide handy, and are ready to get shopping - it’s time to take the holiday season easy, as you leave all the hard work and hassle to your very own elves! We’re here to make your holiday season easier and better - with our one-stop Christmas shop, lined up with an array of magical gifts for everyone on your wish list. What’s more? We’ll even have all your gifts delivered to your loved one's doorsteps all across the Philippines - with absolutely zero delivery fees. Even if you forgot to get shopping early enough, and are stuck in one of those last-minute Christmas gift shopping emergencies, our online Christmas gift shop provides free same-day deliveries. So, this Christmas you can truly sit back, relax, and revel in the holiday spirit, because we here at Flower Chimp, have your back with the promise of delivering Christmas miracles to every home - one petal at a time.