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February 04, 2021 4 min read

During this current generations, it is easy to forget that kindness has never come with a price tag. It has always been free of charge and it spreads love and positivity into this world of ours; to us and the people around us. It brings positivity into our lives as we do our part in moulding the society and of course, the generations to come. If you do not already know, a little kindness andgirl power can go a long way. When women support one another, amazing things happen. 

Throughout the generations in the past, the female presence has been underrepresented. As we have tried to evolve and challenge the societal norms, we have somehow lost the fundamental reason behind this movement; a movement called sisterhood. At one point, women had become their very own worst enemy and it is easier for women to support children, men and themselves but not each other. However, the road to gender equality starts within its own community and in conjunction with Women’s International Day on the 8th of March, we are ditching the “mean girls” act for support and sisterhood, and we encourage that you do too.

Here are 3 reasons why women should support other women: 

We Are Equal

All women share the same struggles. From an oppressive history, the inequality in the working environment to periods, cramps, pregnancy, labour and all the in-betweens, nobody would quite understand what it feels like to be a woman other than women themselves. Women in our history have fought tirelessly for the rights and equality of women. The fight for women so they are not seen as an ‘inferior’ sex. When women do not support one another, it puts all the effort of the powerful women in the past in vain as what we should be doing is continuing the fight for them until the day has come where women have achieved equality. We can easily do this by lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. This way, it will show that women are strong individually and together. It will show that we are equal.

There Is No Gain In Shame.

For many years now, women have been receiving shame for the clothes and makeup they wear, their body shape, the colour of their skin or how they look in general. It is obvious that it is not a secret that women and men are not viewed the same way and if a women were to choose to wear something considered as ‘revealing’ in the eyes of the men, they would immediately be shamed for it and society would be for this opinion as the opinion of a man is way more credible than a woman’s opinion. If the women society were to be on board with this criticism, it would only encourage the idea that women are expected to dress or act a certain way to be deemed decent in society.

Why can’t women whatever they want? Why are men allowed to show a little bit of skin and women can’t or it would automatically mean that women are just trying to seduce men or just like the asking “she was asking for it”?

In order to bring this stereotype to an end, women must work together and support one another of all their choices. For example, clothes, makeup, hair, body type etc, instead of putting each other to shame. We do not win by shaming each other. The more we support one another, the more we show that we have the rights to decide how we should be seen in the eyes of the society and we have the rights to wear whatever we want. We have the rights to decide for ourselves with compromising to anyone.

It Is In Our Nature To Nurture.

When women help other women recognise their own self-worth, the reward itself is truly priceless as we have mentioned before, kindness does not cost a thing! It would also feel nice when your kind actions and gentle words are reciprocated too. For us women, we are especially prone to the desire of helping others. It is instinctive to want to help other people as it is natural to nurture and be nurtured by other people. Women often look for kindred spirits who make them feel supported and with that being said, there is simply no harm in spreading positivity around us.

Behind every successful woman you know if your life, there is no doubt that there is at least one other strong women behind her being that pillar of support that she needs; giving her the words of encouragements, a shoulder to cry on, or a good listener. It is essential to have sisterhood in a world where it could be cruel at times because as much as you can give yourself the affirmations you need, external affirmations from your sisterhood would be a lot of help too.

Working together to make a change will help every woman struggling with the same struggles you are facing, but has to begin with ourselves to make that happen. Every woman matter and every woman deserves equality. Surround yourself with women who equally desire to support one another’s success and failures and you will see how it will flourish your life. If you do not know where to start, well start small! You can support your friends, complement another woman (even a stranger), or, offer a lending hand when and if needed. Supporting each other is easy and it goes a long way.

Flower Chimp Philippines wants all of your relationships with your ‘girlfriends’ to flourish! While offering free delivery and same-day delivery services, we highly recommend you send the gift of love to your female friends, to show them how much you love and appreciate then for being your pillar of support. So deliver beautiful blooms today and let all your relationships blossom as we continue to make a change; together.