• The Top 5 Flowers Every Girl Will Love Below PHP 2590

    Posted on by Admiral Digital

    When it comes to the gift of fresh flowers; there is definitely no one size fits all. However, these arrangements are guaranteed to be dynamic and versatile enough to suit every girl! Do you have a special date coming up; but with no idea where to start with flower arrangements? Rest assured that our team of dedicated experts and local florists have got your back!

    Flower Chimp delivers on its promise of premium, exclusive and yet still affordable fresh flowers –with an outstanding product range selection for all of your individual needs. That being said, Flower Chimp is more than happy to offer up flowers for each unique occasion. Plus, who said anything about waiting for someone else to buy you a bouquet? Spoil yourself with some gorgeous blooms today!

    1.    Boxed Blooms (Afterglow PHP 1990)

    Now here’s something that is guaranteed to catch any woman’s attention. The Boxed Blooms Collection is an experience that goes beyond flowers. Each box is unique with its distinct golden yellow color having a hexagonal shape, it's definitely an eye-catching treat to give. Once the flowers have passed its shelf life or placed somewhere else, the Boxed Bloom can also double as a functional storage box as well. Talk about the best of both worlds!

    Shop the Afterglow Boxed Bloom: https://www.flowerchimp.com.ph/products/afterglow

    2. Sunset Roses (PHP 1690)

    Sunset Roses is a beautiful lesson in harmony; done by pairing romantic red roses with the vibrancy of large sunflowers. This bouquet is the perfect compliment for your girl’s graduation or celebration ceremony! A petite arrangement by size –Sunset Roses will generally fit anywhere. Besides a super affordable price tag, Sunset Roses comes gorgeously wrapped and always Instagram-ready.

    Shop Sunset Roses: https://www.flowerchimp.com.ph/products/sunset-roses

    3. Pink Blush (PHP 1790)

    Pink Blush is not just about plain romance; it’s about the luxurious kind! Flower Chimp’s devoted florists around Philppines have taken extra care to curate the best of the best –and Pink Blush is a good place to start. This beautiful bouquet consists out of roses, carnations, gerberas, parvifolia and tea leaves. Whether or not it’s for an anniversary or birthday gift, you can bet on Pink Blush leaving only sweet aftertastes.

    Shop for Pink Blush: https://www.flowerchimp.com.ph/products/pink-blush

    4. Sweet Desire (PHP 1890)

    At Flower Chimp Philippines, we understand that there are many people on a budget. But, fret not! There’s no such thing as cheaper flower bouquets being subpar –just take a look at Sweet Desire. Guaranteed to sweep your girl right off her feet, Sweet Desire is a much more affordable alternative to surprise that special girl of your dreams. If that’s not the case, add some Ferrero Rocher chocolates as an add-on and splurge some Sweet Desires for yourself! 

    Shop for Sweet Desire: https://www.flowerchimp.com.ph/products/sweet-desire

    5. Beautiful You (PHP 1,790) 

    Beautiful You is a classic bunch of red roses that can make anyone swoon in any occasion. This petite florist arrangement is filled  with red roses and baby's breath wrapped in simple craft paper to make the flowers stand out - one of Flower Chimp’s finest hand bouquets.It’s also a perfect gift that screams romance; so definitely give this to a girl you can see being very special in your future.

    Shop for Beautiful You: https://www.flowerchimp.com.ph/products/beautiful-you

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  • 10 Reasons To Buy Fresh Flowers Online

    Posted on by Kyna Nebrida

    There’s simply no denying it –the online flower delivery business is in full bloom! Flower Chimp puts a modern twist on the traditional craft of gifting fresh flower bouquets and arrangements; and the evidence is in plain sight with more and more people opting for an online alternative as the years go along.

    It is without a doubt that buying flowers online might be much more convenient than making the trip down to the store –but in what way does it actually compare? Here are the top 10 reasons most of our customers prefer doing their flower shopping online!

    1. Variety Counts

    It’s disheartening sometimes taking the effort to head all the way to a florist, only to have them run out of your favorite lilies or gerberas. While roses and sunflowers might be more garden-variety and commonly found, some of your favorites (or special someone’s!) might not be available at that time. Ordering online puts an end to the guessing game, and you get to browse instantly if they have your designated type of flower.

    2. Longer Vase Life 

    You read that right. Most of the time, flowers sold online prove to be much fresher than the ones sold in a physical outlet. This is simply because you get flowers that are recently harvested –without the hassle of storing them in shops. Flower Chimp takes pride in working with local farmers and flower harvesters to bring you freshly delivered flowers straight to your doorstep.

    3. Price Comparison

    Unlike what a lot of people think, online flower delivery in the Philippines doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive! On the contrary, Flower Chimp actually allows you to browse bouquets and arrangements only in your price range if you prefer it, and make a calculated decision based on the prices of other similar bouquets as well. That way, when thinking of that flower for that special occasion –you won’t have to worry about selling and arm and a leg.

    4. Speed Isn't An Issue

    A major concern that many first time customers seem to have would be delivery time; more specifically how fast their flowers can get delivered when it’s an online service instead of physically going to a florist. When it comes to this, Flower Chimp prides ourselves on a same-day delivery flower service in the Philippines that would definitely make it in time for your event (or romantic date night!) Orders placed before 1pm are guaranteed to be on your doorstep by the same day –so put those worries to rest.

    5. Tracking Your Order Becomes Simple

    You don’t have to remain in the dark about your order status. Most online flower delivery websites in the Philippines are also equipped with the feature to track your order; setting your mind at ease. This also helps you plan when exactly to be at home to receive your purchase.

    6. Surprising A Loved One

    One of the best feelings in the world is making your special someone happy. For this very same reason, what brings a person more joy than receiving a surprise online delivery flower bouquet personally curated for them? It would mean the world and more to get such a gorgeous present, especially on special occasions such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduationand all of life's other occasions –and you get to choose exactly which bouquet of flowers that would signify these emotions.

    7. Information Is Key


    What is the meaning behind a baby’s breath? Or the message conveyed behind a carnation rose? Many online flower delivery Philippines websites illustrate the symbolization behind each and every stalk of flower, to give you an accurate idea of what you’re getting. After all, flowers are more than just vibrant plants; they’re a message of something magical!  

    8. Making It Extra Special With Add-Ons

    Buying an online flower delivery Philippines arrangement is much more than just getting a bouquet of flowers to hand over to someone special. Why not jazz it up with something a little different? Flower Chimp offers add-ons and gifts such as delectable chocolate treats, plush teddy bears, fruit baskets, hampers and many more goodies that would be the perfect addition to your bouquet.

    9. Supporting Local Businesses

    Shopping for flowers through online alternatives doesn’t necessarily mean the death of farmers and physical vendors. On the other hand, buying anything from local Filipino florists would help them stay in business! Not to mention that your money would be going to a business that is honest, humble and always ready to serve up quality.

    10. Seasonal and Curated Flowers

    In the online flower delivery industry, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Rather, you would have the freedom of jumping from categories specific to the occasion such as collections for condolence flowers, get well flowers, and special occasions such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day in just a few clicks of the button. This way, every fresh flower delivery Philippines bouquet that you buy will be a well informed one!

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  • What are the Best Flowers to Give on Valentines Day?

    Posted on by Kyna Nebrida

    The celebration of love is around the corner; and romance seems to be in full bloom! By that we mean that another year has passed by, and the fact that flowers are still the best gift to give on this day hasn’t changed. Once again, fresh flower arrangements in the Philippines  continue to reign supreme amongst other forms of gifts for their sheer elegance and dedication to tradition –but which flowers are the best alternatives to opt for to really make an impression? Here at Flower Chimp’s flower delivery service in the Philippines, our Filipino florists have compiled a list of some of the bestsellers you can possibly get on Valentine’s Day, take a look!

    1. Roses

    It goes without saying that roses definitely deserve a spot on this list. Research shows that the purchase of roses fresh flower arrangements experience a spike of orders approximately 51% during Valentine’s Day –and it’s no wonder why! Roses have been one of the most traditional forms of flower gifting, and are the prevalent symbols of romance, intimacy and everlasting love. Want to opt for roses but dread being ordinary? Switch it up from the conventional red roses and go for white, yellow or pink roses to deliver on a Valentine’s Day bouquet that is bound to make an impression.


    Who to get this for; Roses is a strong symbol of commitment and stability –get this for someone who you can see yourself building a future together!

    2. Lilies

    It might have been for it’s somber and delicate appearance, but lilies have over time gained its reputation for being a ‘funeral flower’ –as it’s been used at many occasions involving funerals and wakes. However, florists in the Philippines don’t necessarily agree with that idea; and it’s actually been a famous pick when it comes to fresh flower arrangements delivered by Flower Chimp! Lilies bring a more deeper meaning to them, often symbolizing purity and starting anew –so get very own order of a fresh flower bouquet if this sounds like something that would relate to your relationship.


    Who to get this for; A sophisticated soul, that is sometimes hard to read –but is filled with light and love to give.

    3. Carnations

    Ah, the marriage of modernity and femininity. Carnations are the perfect thread of balance between fresh individualism and timeless beauty; making it one of the hot-sellers on the romantic bouquet arrangements list. Carnations carry the symbol of wonder and fascination, which also allows it to be a simple yet graceful token of a new relationship!


    Who to get this for; A partner who inspires you, keeps you moving towards new things and goals in your life.

    4. Gerbera Daisies

    Gerbera daisies might not be as popular a flower as the rest on this list –but they hold a charm that you simply cannot find anywhere else. As such, Flower Chimp’s fresh gerberas bear a sight to behold with their bright and funky colors! Gerberas symbolize cheer, prosperity and all the longings of a happy life, so it makes sense to gift it as fresh flower arrangements on a special day such as Valentine’s Day.


    Who to get this for; Someone who makes you laugh, and whose happiness is shared between a mutually sustaining relationship.


    Gifting flowers might be the conventional way to do things, but in no means can it be boring. Each relationship and romance is it’s own; so treat your fresh flower bouquet from Flower Chimp as such too! Feel free to customize your bouquet with very own goodies such as a cute teddy bear, chocolates, fruit baskets and many more extra tokens to really blow the woman/man of your dreams away on Valentine’s Day. Flower Chimp’s flower delivery service in the Philippines even provides a same day delivery option for orders placed before 4 pm, which is perfect if you have a last minute romantic rendezvous planned out.

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