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October 06, 2022 3 min read

The story of Beauty and the Beast is, as the name implies, about a cursed, arrogant prince who fell in love with a kind, beautiful villager, whose love broke the spell. Not to mention the significance of the red rose.

Due to his pride, an enchantress cursed Prince Adam to a beast form. The only chance for him to free himself from the curse was to find someone to love and be loved by before his twenty-first birthday when the last petal of his enchanted rose would fall. But who among us could ever come to adore a beast?

Ten years later, a local village inventor named Maurice gets lost in the woods and ends up at the Beast's castle, where he is promptly locked up by the Beast for trespassing. Belle, his bookworm daughter who longs to leave her little town, volunteers to take his place in the castle when she discovers him there.

The Beast agrees on the condition that Belle never leave the castle. While Belle initially sees him as a monstrosity, he finds her to be unreasonable and unyielding. True love is bittersweet, but the two soon learn this for themselves.

Both the novel and the movie gave the enchanted red rose a significant role, and as a result, it has become one of the most well-known aspects of the story.

However, what does it actually signify in this case? Other than serving as a ticking clock for the Beast to find true love, it very certainly had an entirely different and more profound meaning behind it. Let's get into that!

Beauty And The Beast Flower Philippines

The Meaning Of A Red Rose

To begin, as you may have guessed, roses are brimming with a plethora of different metaphorical meanings. To begin with, they represent love, which is undeniably linked to the film's fundamental topic.

Roses can also represent death, especially when they are withering away, as the one in the story is. They have thorns concealed beneath their leaves, and if you get too close, they will stick you; the passing of time is sometimes used as a metaphor for the passage of everything worthwhile in life.

Last but not least, roses represent mystery because they grow gradually and do not reveal their full beauty until you've spent some time getting to know them. That fits with the romantic concept, but in this case, the rose had already opened its petals and begun to wither.

As you can see, roses have many meanings, and the beauty lies in the fact that a single stalk can stand in for a vast scope of emotions and concepts throughout the whole story.


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Beauty And The Beast Flower Philippines

The Meaning Behind Beauty And The Beast Flower

One of the most important symbols in the story is the enchanted rose, which is kept behind glass in the Beast's Unhappy Place and acts as a general timer for when he will be cured. It will bloom until he is 21, giving him a deadline to find a suitable girl and prove to her that he is not a giant bully before he is forced to live in pseudo-werewolf form for the rest of his life.

In the famous fairy tale, Beauty's parting from the Beast is symbolised by the rose withering, prompting the audience to wonder whether their love is destined to be eternal. This is where it becomes more oblique, symbolising the Beast's prospects for love rather than the love shared by the pair.

You are wounded when you touch a rose thorn, which is a very apt parallel for how the Beast feels about his situation: if he can't break the curse, he might as well give up and die.

Last but not least, for Belle, the enigma of the rose represents the mystery surrounding the Beast and how he got to be the way he is. This is how we feel when she first discovers the rose in the "forbidden" rooms of the Beast's castle.

Even though the mystery is solved in a very short period of time, it retains its relevance for her.

Beauty And The Beast Flower Philippines

Enchanted Rose As The Perfect Gift

That enchanted rose had so much significance and beauty is evident in the fairytale itself. Giving someone a rose is a gesture of love, gratitude, and admiration. However, there are more benefits to giving a preserved rose than there are to sending fresh flowers. They are eternally lovely and durable as well.

Many florists in the Philippines offer the "Beauty and the Beast" flower, which would be a thoughtful present for any of your friends and family.