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February 23, 2021 3 min read

Have you ever heard of the saying that flowers can reduce stress? Well, it is true that nothing brightens your day quite like a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers and although flowers are often reserved for special occasions, here at Flower Chimp we think that should also be appreciated, admired, and enjoyed daily! You might find it truly fascinating how just looking at some fresh cut flowers can easily improve your mood daily.

Over the years, studies have shown that blooms naturally reduce day to day stress and improves the mood when we add flowers to our daily routine. It can reduce anxiety, depression as well as boost our creative side and daily productivity. So yes, flowers can make everyone happy and the beneficial perks also last much longer than the initial moment of joy.

5 reasons how to reduce your daily stress with beautiful blossoms: 

Wake Up To Flowers!

We think that one of the best feelings in the world is when you wake up to, of course, beautiful flowers! It is best to remember the next time you buy or receive a bouquet of fresh blossoms, place a small arrangement on your bedside table so that it can be one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning - almost like a little present for yourself daily. It can easily help you feel energised and will definitely get you to roll out of the bed. If you often wake up on the wrong side of the bed, this would definitely do the trick.

Rose Petal Bath

Isn’t it just relaxing to be in a tub filled with warm/hot water and rose petals? Pamper yourself and feel like an absolute goddess while you soak yourself in a rose petal bath! You deserve it! For more of a calming effect, avoid using vibrant colour roses or flowers and use light-coloured ones instead. You can also add flowers to your daily beauty routine. For example, rosewater toner, floral body oil, bath bombs or soap.

Drink Them!

It is no surprise that flowers are generally edible. Go ahead and add organic flowers (unsprayed food-grade) of roses, lavender, chamomile, herbs etc. to your infused water or hot tea with them! It makes your food and drink very appealing and it is incredibly delicious too! Fun fact, you can even find flowers in infused syrups made with jasmines and elderflower. Just drop by the nearest supermarket!

Essential Oils

Floral essential oils are a great stress reliever. One of the best ways to calm your surroundings is to add a few drops of floral essential oil to a spray bottle (you can also add some petals inside) and spray it around your house/room once in a while for that burst of fragrance that can simply enlighten the vibe of your home. What a simple way to bring a field of beautiful flowers to your home without leaving your home! You can even level up your ironing game by spraying it onto your clothes. It will make you smell good and lifts your mood instantly.

Frame The Flowers You Receive/Bought.

Do not let the flowers go to waste! Instead, have them pressed into a frame and have them hung up on a wall. It will make your house look lovelier and it will also remind you of sweet moments of joy; a nice way to lift your mood whenever you go about your day at home.

Flowers are one of the most natural ways to reduce your stress and simply lift your mood on a daily basis, so whenever you encounter them next time, do not hesitate to get them for yourself or even for a loved one! Fresh blooms will always be a good idea, no matter the occasion. Flowers are not always for special occasions, they are also for times where you just need to put a smile on your face for no absolute reason. For that very reason, Flower Chimp Philippines wants to keep you smiling for days and we are always happy to deliver happiness to you with every flower delivery.