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September 23, 2020 3 min read


You do not always have to express your feelings with words. From time to time, we tend to need a lending hand to show someone how much they mean to us; emotions considered uncomfortable to be spoken aloud. - It has been many years where the universal reason we give flowers is to communicate and further our connection with one another. It is a gift of meaning. Meanings such as love, sympathy, appreciation, respect, admiration, friendship, affections, hospitality, etc. With different gift-giving traditions and floral meanings in different countries, the type of flowers and colors can greatly affect the meaning of your gift. Above, we crafted a guide for you as a reference for when you are planning to send fresh flowers to someone special.

Other than gift-giving fresh flowers for our loved ones, we must not forget that we too receive flowers from time to time. In regards to that, it is always good to know your flowers! Knowing how to care for your flowers is important to keep the flower fresh and alive for as long as possible. Fresh flowers instantly brighten up the mood in a room, so we are here to enlighten you! Here are some tips on how to care for your flowers.

Check-in daily with your flowers

Check your flowers daily. Your flowers deserve love just as much as you do! Make sure your blooms have fresh water and flower food. Don’t forget to clean its vase thoroughly and keep bacteria at bay as it can shorten the life span of your flowers! Failing so to do could block the stem and prevent the flowers from absorbing water or discourage the buds to open.

Fresh water for all flowers

Change its water every day. Water for flowers should always be fresh and clean! The vase is their home in our home so it should be cleaned and refilled with room temperature water for best results. Ensure there are no fallen leaves and stem parts in the water, this will promote bacteria growth and shortens its life span. -  Adding a proper amount of flower food is a bonus!

Re-cut their stems

To keep your flowers longer, you should always re-cut its stems daily at a 45-degree angle; about ¾’ to one inch. Using a sharp floral cutter or scissors would be the best tool! - On another note, avoid smashing, damaging, or piercing through the stems as it could potentially destroy water vessels, preventing water absorption.

Extra facts

  • Some flowers such as lilies, eustomas, and alstroemerias are multi bloom flowers. A multi bloom flower is a single stalk that has multiple flowers.
  • Alstroemerias and lilies usually come in bud forms and would usually take a day or two to bloom beautifully. Be patient with them, all beautiful things take time!
  • Hydrangeas and tulips are highly sensitive flowers. You should be extra careful with them and handle them gently.
  • The color tones for flowers are not always accurate. It tends to be a little lighter or darker, depending on it’s growing environment.


Colors Available

Import Origin


White, cream, light cream, sweet pink, shocking pink, Maria pink, purple, red, champagne, yellow, mango orange.

Baguio (Local), China, Kenya


White, yellow, pink

Baguio (Local), China , Holland


White, green, champagne, 2-tone pink, pink, 2-tone purple, purple

Vietnam, China



Baguio (Local), China


Pink, red, orange, yellow-orange, yellow.



White, green, light blue, light pink, dark pink

Baguio (Local), China, Holland


Red, 2-tone orange, orange, yellow, white, light pink, pink, shocking pink, purple



Pink, white

Baguio (Local), China, Vietnam, Kenya, Holland


Light pink, pink, purple, green, red, white

Vietnam, China