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September 30, 2020 2 min read

When special occasions arrive, having our loved ones close in thoughts, we often feel the need to make sure they feel extra special. Flowers are truly enchanting and beautiful, they are indeed the perfect gift when it comes to expressing your true feelings to your loved ones; say it with flowers that represent your love and admiration.

Here at Flower Chimp, we carry a wide selection of fresh flower arrangements for you to choose from and have it delivered to your doorstep! With any occasion that comes to mind, we have flowers suited for all occasions but wait, there’s more that we offer!

We also carry a wide range of cakes that can simply go hand in hand with your choice of flowers! - As we know, cakes are simply tasty and go extremely well with flowers on special occasions. For example, when celebrating ones birthday or anniversary. It is also a nice gesture when expressing your appreciation to your beloved grandparents, parents or even friends!

Flower Chimp not only carry simple cakes that will satisfy your taste buds but we also carry designer cakes that will satisfy your eyes and sweet tooth, both at the same time! From an all time favorite to cake in a can, we’ve got it all! Just take your pick and we will have that delivered to you with our same-day free delivery services!

Our cake bundles usually come with rich and delicious cakes. With stylish flowers that are ready to the steal the limelight, a simple yet mouth-watering cake would be the perfect match - they also come in a few flavors to truly satisfy your cravings! - If you are looking for something more exclusive, well Flower Chimp has got more to offer! We have got bundles that come with a cake, a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a balloon for the occasion. Pretty sure that will do the trick!

It always makes it a lot more special when your gift comes in forms of two, three or four instead of one. It is always good to pamper your beloveds ones; nothing is more beautiful than seeing their faces with the biggest smile and Flower Chimp is determined to help you with that!

Have tasty cakes sent to your loved ones today with fresh flowers that will speak a thousand words! Better yet, have it delivered free of charge too! Choose your preferred items and delivery time and just leave the rest to us!