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September 09, 2020 3 min read

It’s hard to be unhappy when receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers. They are indeed beautiful for decorating, they smell lovely, and associated with many special occasions. As with anything, they have a carbon footprint and there is waste in their production; waste in the upstream, before the flowers ever reach the recipient, and waste after they wilt.

As flowers hold sentimental values, we often hope to be able to preserve and cherish it forever. Regardless of where your flowers come from, a bouquet has only lived half its life by the time it begins to wilt, so here are 10 ways you can continue to keep your flowers!

Dried Flowers

One of the fastest ways to keep your flowers is to decorate with it! The easiest way to dry out an entire bouquet or individual flowers is to bind the stems tightly together at the bottom and hang them up upside down in a dark and dry room for a few weeks. - You may also dry the flowers flat! It is simpler this way if the flowers are small and not bulky. As another option, tuck them away in between the pages of a book for a few weeks! Works like charm!

Rose Water
If you’re into natural beauty, making your own rose water is very easy and many people find it irreplaceable in their skincare routine! Rosewater often has a sweet smell and is often light pink in color. (P.S: Remember to only use fresh roses!)
The best part about making your own potpourri is that you get to choose exactly what your aroma will be! Choose your favorite essential oils and additional fillers. Some popular fillers are lavender, pinecones, and cedar. For herbs and spices, you may give mint, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, or vanilla beans a go! Apple peels or lemon peels work just as great too. - Add a few drops of essential oil to the jar as well as any other spices you want to include, tightly seal the jar, and let this mixture sit for about two weeks. (The longer the container is sealed, the stronger the scent of your potpourri!)

If you have any space for gardening or some flower pots to spare, save the seeds from your flowers to try and replant them! Before you know it, you’ll have fresh flowers growing at home!

Gift Cards
Pressed flowers have been loved by flower fans and botany enthusiastssince the 19th century. Today, DIY pressed flower cards are a wonderful way to honor this tradition while also keeping your favorite floral art for the years to come.. - Creating DIY pressed flower cards is the perfect way to repurpose and preserve your favorite blooms. It is also is both affordable and fun!
Wall Art

There are many ways to create beautiful wall arts by using dried flowers! - Repurpose your dried flowers into a beautiful flower wreath. Glue a base of the greenery to the hoop and then add on colorful blooms. You can also make your dried flowers into a trendy piece of wall decor by framing them. Easily switch out the flowers to match the season!


If your flowers came in a vase, keep it for future use! - If it’s not up to your taste and you’re absolutely sure it has no use in your home, we suggest donating it or giving it to a friend who will make good use out of it because it is still a reusable resource. While glass and plastic vases are often recyclable, it’s much greener to keep them in use for years to come.


Composting dried flowers is a great way to dispose of organic material. For example, the stems, leaves, or failed DIYs. The compost bin is a better resting place than the garbage for your bouquet.


Make use of the ribbons that come with your flower bouquets or arrangements! Turn the ribbons into a hair accessory or even a matching bracelet with your friends! It’s easy! Stick little gems of your choice & add a cute pendant onto the ribbon and voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Reuse Your Plastics

If your flowers came as a bouquet wrapped in plastic, consider saving the plastic to reuse in the future! You may be able to use it as gift wrap or filler next time you send a package to a loved one.