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July 27, 2020 2 min read

We’ve heard of holidays of all sorts - Single’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Men’s day… everything. But what about a day for strong, powerful career queens working tirelessly to create an empire - all alone? In 2006, Barbara Payne, a single working woman of 25 years realised that something was amiss - why weren’t single working women being honoured as much as all sorts of other people? Where was their dedicated holiday?

This very epiphany was the catalyst in creating International Single Working Women’s Day (SWWD) - a day dedicated to single working women from all walks of life; a day to celebrate all single, divorced, separated women, as well single moms and women that do it all on the 4th of August every year. 

While societies have become far more accepting of women pursuing their passions than ever before, women still face innumerable stigmas in the workspace - especially when they’re single. From questions and gossip about their marital status, to undermining them based on their gender and choices - women have had enough of these glass ceilings that stop them from soaring. 

We, at Flower Chimp, are a team of strong, diverse, working professionals - and know the value that women, especially our single women add to the team. We want to help you show the single working women in your life (or even yourself!) how incredibly important they are to the world around them; and what better way to show it, than vibrant, strong, and beautiful flowers - just like them.

We boast a gorgeous selection of fabulous flowers to brighten up the day for all the single working women out there! We value you more than you can imagine and aspire to be as awesome, ambitious and all-round amazing as you.

We’ve got a wide array of different sorts of flower bouquets and arrangements - so you’re sure to find the right fit for the wonderful single working women that make your world. Some of our favourite picks for this day include these flowers for their significance: 

  • Sunflowers: Once, thought to have been made of pure gold, sunflowers are bright and bold - just like all the strong, single working women out there. Show them how priceless they are with a bouquet made from this golden blooms. 

  • Carnations: Representing pride and beauty, a colourful bouquet of carnations can encapsulate the essence of the strong single working woman showcasing her beauty and her pride for all that she does. 

  • Orchids: Seen as a symbol fo exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm - orchids represent proud and strong femininity. An arrangement of orchids is the perfect representation of a force of feminine energy to be reckoned with, that the single working woman is.

  • Alstroemeria: Symbolizing fortune and prosperity, the Alstroemeria is a gift of good wishes to the single working woman - wishing her more power, prosperity, and abundance in her path forward. 

  • So go ahead, buy that special single working woman, or yourself a flowerbouquet or arrangement this year - it’s more than well deserved!