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Tips On How To Care For Flowers

October 07, 2019 2 min read

Every local Manila florist in the Philippines knows the importance of caring for flowers. Whether they are affordable flowers or pricey ones, both deserve the same care, and your local florist will be sure to pay attention to them both equally. Manila florists offer an amazing selection of affordable flowers due to the options that are locally grown in the Philippines and then sold via local florists. 

Manila florists are highly skilled when it comes to caring for their flowers. They make sure to water every set of flowers as required. Too much water, or a serious lack of it, can make the flowers wilt, so local florists make sure to give the right amount of water. Local florists may also add sugar solution into the water to help keep the flowers alive.

The Philippines gets ample sunlight. All affordable flower shops will have shelves with both shade and sunlight on them. Local florist stands may have baskets stocked under the shade, whereas larger Manila florist stores will have entire store sections dedicated to flowers that prefer shade over-bright sunlight. 

There are special spots in Manila where florists have chosen to display affordable flowers that love and thrive under the bright light of the sun. However, it is essential to note the intensity of sunlight each flower needs. Some flowers, like Sunflowers, appreciate harsh light and even turn towards it to take in as much as possible. Others, like Begonia, are more likely to thrive in less bright areas.

All flowers must be placed in a well-ventilated area. Humidity is a problem in some areas of the Philippines. This can lead to great trouble for some flowers. High water content in the surrounding air leads to humid conditions. In turn, it becomes harder for plants to transpire and absorb water into their stems, which can cause the petals and leaves to become flaccid and frail. 

Everyone loves affordable flowers. Luckily, the Philippines is blessed with many popular affordable flowers that all people can enjoy. Flowers last longer when cared for appropriately, so make sure to look after them!