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April 04, 2019 2 min read

When it comes to the gift of fresh flowers; there is definitely no one size fits all. However, these arrangements are guaranteed to be dynamic and versatile enough to suit every girl! Do you have a special date coming up; but with no idea where to start with flower arrangements? Rest assured that our team of dedicated experts and local florists have got your back!

Flower Chimp delivers on its promise of premium, exclusive and yet still affordable fresh flowers –with an outstanding product range selection for all of your individual needs. That being said, Flower Chimp is more than happy to offer up flowers for each unique occasion. Plus, who said anything about waiting for someone else to buy you a bouquet? Spoil yourself with some gorgeous blooms today!

1.    Boxed Blooms (Afterglow PHP 1990)

Now here’s something that is guaranteed to catch any woman’s attention. The Boxed Blooms Collection is an experience that goes beyond flowers. Each box is unique with its distinct golden yellow color having a hexagonal shape, it's definitely an eye-catching treat to give. Once the flowers have passed its shelf life or placed somewhere else, the Boxed Bloom can also double as a functional storage box as well. Talk about the best of both worlds!

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2. Sunset Roses (PHP 1690)

Sunset Roses is a beautiful lesson in harmony; done by pairing romantic red roses with the vibrancy of large sunflowers. This bouquet is the perfect compliment for your girl’s graduation or celebration ceremony! A petite arrangement by size –Sunset Roses will generally fit anywhere. Besides a super affordable price tag, Sunset Roses comes gorgeously wrapped and always Instagram-ready.

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3. Pink Blush (PHP 1790)

Pink Blush is not just about plain romance; it’s about the luxurious kind! Flower Chimp’s devoted florists around Philppines have taken extra care to curate the best of the best –and Pink Blush is a good place to start. This beautiful bouquet consists out of roses, carnations, gerberas, parvifolia and tea leaves. Whether or not it’s for an anniversary or birthday gift, you can bet on Pink Blush leaving only sweet aftertastes.

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4. Sweet Desire (PHP 1890)

At Flower Chimp Philippines, we understand that there are many people on a budget. But, fret not! There’s no such thing as cheaper flower bouquets being subpar –just take a look at Sweet Desire. Guaranteed to sweep your girl right off her feet, Sweet Desire is a much more affordable alternative to surprise that special girl of your dreams. If that’s not the case, add some Ferrero Rocher chocolates as an add-on and splurge some Sweet Desires for yourself! 

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5. Beautiful You (PHP 1,790) 

Beautiful You is a classic bunch of red roses that can make anyone swoon in any occasion. This petite florist arrangement is filled  with red roses and baby's breath wrapped in simple craft paper to make the flowers stand out - one of Flower Chimp’s finest hand bouquets.It’s also a perfect gift that screams romance; so definitely give this to a girl you can see being very special in your future.

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