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August 27, 2020 2 min read

As we have finally blossomed into September, during incredibly uncertain times in 2020, we look forward to the smaller things in life to be grateful for even during a pandemic that has changed everything we’ve ever known about  normal life  before this. Yet, some things never change - and the most special of these things remains to be birthdays.

Birthdays are always an especially sweet celebration in everyone’s lives, every year; and even though many of us have had to celebrate far away from our loved ones - we have found a way to make them just as special and sentimental, against all odds.

In the Philippines, September is the unofficial birthday month of the nation - with the largest number of birthdays in the nation occurring during this month. So, with this many reasons to celebrate, how can we celebrate this time of the year in full bloom and be grateful for all that we have, even during the trials that we, as a world are facing?

Well, we at Flower Chimp believe that nothing in this world can replace the sentiment of flowers. They simply say everything the best - putting a bright, blooming smile on the face of anyone that catches a glimpse or a whiff of their perfect petals. 

So, during these times - whether you’re ready to celebrate your big day, or looking for the perfect way to send your love to somebody else celebrating their birthday in these new normal ways - flowers are the best bet to put a bright smile on their face for the celebration.

Flower Chimp, the most trustworthy flower delivery service in all of the Philippines knows how special birthdays are, and have a wide array of birthday flowers, arrangements, and bouquets - a collection especially curated for the big bash. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday for your friend, your parents, your significant other, or even yourself - we have the perfect petals for everyone! 

So, this birthday month, celebrate the big bash the Flower Chimp way with our range of Birthday Flowers - and even choose from our Birthday Bundles with the additions of cakes, balloons, and so much more - to make the big day extra special!