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August 31, 2022 2 min read

Our home nation of the Philippines is rich in culture, symbolism, and aesthetic meanings. And flowers have their own distinctive meanings. At the end of summer, we welcome back fan favorite's like pumpkin spice lattes, football, and late-season flowers like morning glories and asters. Both of these blossoms are commonly thought of as September birth flowers. Morning Glory's peculiar and amphibious characteristics drew Flower Chimp's attention. Let’s talk about it.

Morning Glories symbolically represent unrequited love and desire. In Japan, the blossom symbolises innocence and affection, making it a popular gift. Most people enjoy Morning Glory's brilliant hues and twining growth. In some locations, these floral plants are noxious weeds. These emblems of enduring love and caring are wonderful for vases or entryways. 


Flower Of September


Meaning Of The Morning Glory

Love lies at the heart of both the meaning and symbolism of September's birth flowers. The morning glory flower is associated with love and affection. The flowers of the aster plant are symbolic of love, knowledge, and faith. The blossoms of the aster flower resemble stars, which is where the flower gets its name. The name "aster" originates from the Ancient Greek word "aster," which literally means "star." Asterisk and asteroid are two examples of terms that are derived from the root word asterisk, which refers to stars.

Morning glories are said to instill qualities of modesty, spontaneity, and affection in those who are born in September, according to a Victorian-era interpretation of the language of flowers. 


Flower Of September

Why Is It Called The Morning Glory?

The dramatic and beautiful story behind this name is based on the fact that this flower only opens up each morning at daybreak. The flower will close down for the day at the end of the day and open again at the start of the next day.

These trumpet flowers come in magenta, pink, purplish blue, and white and their leaves are heart-shaped, while their stems are thin. Grandpa Otts are a sophisticated mix of deep purple and pink, while Scarlett O'Haras are a brilliant shade of red.

Types Of Morning Glories 

  • Beach Morning Glory
  • Black Kniolas
  • Chocolate Rose Silk
  • Common Morning Glory
  • Crimson Rambler
  • Cypress Vine
  • Flying Saucers
  • Heavenly Blue


Flower Of September


Flower For September Babies

Although Asters and Morning Glories are ideal flowers to give to your September loved ones, you may also choose other flower bouquets that you believe are suitable for the recipient. When it comes to expressing your feelings for someone, you are never limited to just one sort of flower!