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April 25, 2022 3 min read

They brought us up with devotion and care. Often gave us an a** whupping when we were naughty yet showered us with unconditional love and was always there to encourage us. Mom – our one sturdy pillar of strength in our home. We celebrate the one day in a year to honor and appreciate our mothers on Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, choose a gift that makes her face light up. One that she’ll be delighted to receive no matter her mood. We suggest you go with flowers. Here’s why.


Flower Bouquets are Easy Gifts

If you’re anything like us, you’ll most likely do some last-minute gift shopping. You’ll panic and rush to get the first item that you think Mum will like. But we know the struggle and the feeling of last-minute shopping. That’s why Flower Chimp brings same-day delivery to you. Place orders for beautiful flower bouquets that are handpicked and customized by expert florists and sent directly to your doorstep.

Fresh flower bouquets with delivery are great gifts to choose. Their freshness and color speak volumes about the love and care you have for someone. Mum will love the lush beauty of fresh blooms packed in elegant wrapping paper and silky ribbons.


Flowers are Versatile

You can literally pair flowers with any other type of gift. A card, a gold pendant, a watch, a plane ticket to a vacation, chocolates, a new iPhone, a new car – all these make perfect accompaniments to flowers. The versatility of flowers is only limited by your financial budget. If money is not an issue, why not pair flowers with something special?

At Flower Chimp, we’ve done the thinking for you. Our selection of add-ons to each Mother’s Day flower bouquet or arrangement allows you to customize each gift with bespoke goodies. Make the gift extra special with a box of premium chocolate, a balloon, a plush teddy, or a bottle of wine. Your mother will love the extra thought and effort you put into her gift.


Flowers are Symbolic

There’s a hidden meaning to every flower that we see. Many flowers symbolize deep, meaningful traits that we often see in our mothers. For example, Calla Lilies signify beauty while Carnations bring out a woman’s love.



Sunflowers are happy flowers because they resemble the bright colors of the sun – perfect for cheering someone up. Even if you don’t get it for Mother’s Day, a gift of flowers can be an ideal pick-me-up for Mum any time of the year.  


Flowers are Affordable


It’s normal human behavior to check our wallets before buying someone a gift. But for our mother, it’s a different story. We want the best to show her the love and devotion she gave us, bringing us up and sacrificing so much. Thankfully, flowers can be tailored to fit any budget. At Flower Chimp, we have beautiful flower designs from as low as P 999. Imagine the smile on Mum’s face when a fresh bunch of flowers arrives at her doorstep, just in time for a Mother’s Day celebration.


At the end of the day, flowers are the best gifts anyone could receive. Whether you’re saying Thank You to your mum for all the years of care and love or you’re giving a gift to a new mum who just delivered a baby, you should choose a flower bouquet. Go ahead and choose some of these flower bouquets from Flower Chimp’s Mother’s Day collection.



Author: Joel Vijay