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January 21, 2021 4 min read

How is 2021 treating you so far? We hope it is all rainbows and sunshine although we are staying safe and keeping one another safe too. We know that 2021 has only just begun but do not let anything rain on your parade just yet! - there are just so many things to look forward to this year and we hope that you anticipate it all with an open mind and heart.

We know the current times are hard and we are that everyone is doing their best in contributing to help flatten the curve and we should look onto the brighter side of things and be grateful for what we still have today; in such troubling times.

The thing that we all can learn from this pandemic would be that we should never take life for granted. Let us make every moment count by reconnecting with loved ones who you have lost touch with or friends you have not spoken to in years, let bygones be bygones with those you did not have a good relationship with, and most importantly we should remember to tell the ones you love how much you love them - let us not regret a single moment and do all we can when we can.

We must always remember that we are lucky to still have the people we love with us today and we should show them how much we appreciate them for existing in our lives. It does not matter if we are all far apart from one another due to the current situation because with the power of technology, anything is possible - after all, we are always just one call away right?

Here at Flower Chimp Philippines, we want to keep you to stay connected with your loved ones with the gift of beautiful flowers to represent your love; a sweet momento for your beloved ones to always remember you by. Continue reading to find out the perfect gifts in 2021 that you can easily deliver to your friends, family, or your one and only.



La Vie En Rose

A sweet surprise that you can give any day of the week for simply any occasion without having to break the bank! A beautiful and simple bouquet that can easily sweeten the birthday celebrant, make someone smile as an apology gift, or delight your significant other!

12 Red Roses Korean Style

This popular 12 Red Roses Korean Style bouquet is a stunning Korean-inspired bouquet. Brimming with 12 red roses, it makes an excellent gift for all of life’s occasions. It will bring you nothing but joy and of course, the brightest smile.

Pink Puff

Our Pink Puff flower bouquet is a sweet flower gift with an array of pink alstroemeria and light pink roses! To top it all off, it is also decked with a bright and joyful sunflower in the center. No matter the occasion, this flower gift will simply do the trick!

Hot Romance

Up the romance with this beautiful and classic arrangement of red roses that is hand wrapped to perfection! If you're looking to make someone smile on any occasion without breaking the bank, this bouquet is your best bet!


Nothing is sweeter than a bouquet decked with the most beautiful flowers with a little twist! - Our Sunkissed flower bouquet is brimming with orange roses and red berries but what makes it much sweeter would be the 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates that come with it! Not your classic flower bouquet but it will bring out the brightest smile.


A flower bouquet with an array of 12 red roses complemented by fine baby breaths (gypsophila). Our Jade flower gift is truly a stunner among all our arrangements. Elegantly wrapped, this bouquet is often given for romantic occasions, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations.

Pink Moment

Decked with beautiful sweet blooms of lilies, roses, and carnation sprays, this flower bouquet is hand wrapped to perfection and perfect for all occasions. - The perfect gift to make every moment memorable.

Lily Bouquet

Our joyful Lily Bouquet makes a nice surprise present for your friends, family, and beloved one and only. Decked with the finest lilies flowers, this flower gift will capture the hearts of your loved ones and make the most precious memories.

Blushing Rose

A flower bouquet hand wrapped to perfection, our Blushing Rose will make your beloved ones blush from all the love you have for them! With an array of pink roses and eustomas, white statices, and asters, there is simply no reason that your loved ones would not love them!


There is no such thing as "too many roses!” Our Overload vase arrangement comes with 30 roses in different sizes. If you are looking to impress your loved one, this flower gift will do exactly just that for you! There’s simply no reason not to feel happy when you are being showered with love!

With all these varieties of beautiful flowers and gifts, there is simply no reason to not let all your relationships blossom this year by sending the most exquisite flowers to your beloved ones. Flower Chimp Philippines aims to deliver happiness for you, one blossom at a time because expressing love should never be a burden and we are determined to make it easier and hassle-free for you while you stay home and stay safe.

Flower Chimp Philippines offers free deliveries for all flowers and gift orders. If you are looking to deliver flowers on the same day, we also offer free same-day deliveries for all orders placed before 2pm. Stay safe flower family and we hope to hear from you soon!