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June 02, 2022 3 min read

Feeling bad for a friend because of what their ex did? Having trouble figuring out what to do to make them feel better? The first step of supporting someone who’s going through a break-up is recognizing what kind of loss they’ve just gone through. There are times when giving your friend some space or filling their freezer with food can help them move forward. Now that you’re here, this ultimate gift guide might make them feel even better!

A breakup gift can ease the pain and sorrow that comes with heartbreak. A gift shows that you are present, even if not physically. Something sentimental and from the heart to show that you’re being a friend. Here’s a list of things to help patch up the broken heart - helping you in your search for the right gift.


Flowers For The Heartbroken

You're always there for your friends as a good bestie should be.As we celebrate with them in their victories and accomplishments, so should we keep them in mind when things aren't going so well for them. Even if you can't be there in person, sending flowers to remind them that you are there for them can bring a little brightness into their day.



Flowers are the go-to gift for certain people but that does not make it any less meaningful especially when one is going through a break-up. It’s a breeze to make your friend's face light up with our wide variety of floral arrangements atFlower Chimp Philippines! Ourhand bouquets are made to mend a broken heart with their alluring colors and the look of fresh flowers. Our hues of green and goldenShooting Star, pink and calming whitesSeraphina, as well as the simplicity of ourTriple Wonder bouquets, could enlighten anyone’s day.



Fresh Chocolate, Fresh Friendship

When in doubt, get chocolates - a remedy to every heartbreak. Do chocolates really help heal a broken heart though? Consuming chocolates high in cocoa may actually help relieve stress and make it easier to deal with bad emotions because heartbreak can be perceived as a response to stressful events. 



There’s no easy way to deal with heartbreak, but a popular choice among the broken-hearted in dealing with the pain seems to be indulging in comfort food. Flower Chimp Philippines adds a twist to chocolates with our decadentchocolate bouquet arrangements.Sweeter Together,Chocolate Heaven andChoco Loco - to name a few of our infamous luscious arrangements of chocolates. And if you’re thinking of adding a blooming touch to your chocolates, we also haveLuscious Love andSweeter Blooms -the sweet spot whereflowers and comfort food meet.


Preserved Flowers - An Eternity of Friendship

Remind the brokenhearted of your everlasting friendship by giving them preserved flowers. Let this be a reminder to them that you are there for them through these difficult times. The infinite possibilities in floral decoration make them perfect for making long-lasting flower arrangements or preserving a special flower forever. 



Flower Chimp Philippines offers a wide selection ofpreserved flowers for you to choose from! Our preserved flowersget the job done to mend a broken heart. The alluring colors of the petals as well as the display of the blooming flower have a way of brightening up someone's day. 


Although a simple hug or lending a shoulder is simply sufficient enough for a friend, you could never go wrong with going a little extra to make them feel better. We are here to ease the struggle of not knowing how to console a friend who is going through a break-up.