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October 31, 2022 3 min read

The November birth flower is a happy and buoyant bloom. Flower Chimp would like to highlight the beauty of chrysanthemums this month. Commonly shortened to "mums," chrysanthemums come in a rainbow of colors and sizes, though the most frequent are pink, white, yellow, and red. The original range of these flowers includes much of Asia and the northeastern regions of Europe. The name comes from the Greek words for gold (chrysos) and flower (ánthemon).

In addition to chrysanthemums, the daisy family also includes such common garden flowers as daisies, zinnias, and coneflowers. Although most chrysanthemums are at their most beautiful in the fall, you can still see them in full bloom at other times of the year.

The many unique flower varieties that can be grown from chrysanthemum plants are a major point of fascination. It's possible to find chrysanthemums with soft poms or with stiffer quills. In spite of their diversity, all chrysanthemum plants are characterised by enormous, colorful flowers, glossy dark green leaves, and the aforementioned characteristics. The huge, fluffy pom-poms on chrysanthemum flowers are actually the product of a cluster of tiny blossoms, not a single large flower as is commonly believed.


Flower Of The Month Of November - Chrysanthemum

Meaning of Chrysanthemums

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, chrysanthemums are used as a sign of youth, loyalty, love, passion, friendship, and get-well wishes. Chrysanthemums, according to Buddhist teaching, are Yang-energy emitters (active energy). Some people even claim that it can stop greying hair.

It is customary in China to honor an old person with a bouquet of chrysanthemums as a token of respect and good fortune. They also stand for positivity, cheer, longevity, prestige, and esteem. Because their petals are so well arranged, chrysanthemums are frequently held up as a model of perfection.

There are symbolic connotations attached to each color of chrysanthemums:

  • The color white represents truthfulness and commitment.
  • Red is the color of love and ardor.
  • When someone is sick, the color violet is a sign of good intentions.
  • The color yellow is associated with a shattered heart or unrequited love.


Flower Of The Month Of November - Chrysanthemum

November Babies As Chrysanthemums

Instilling the qualities of plenty, joy, and friendship, chrysanthemums are a perfect gift for anyone born in November. Their warmth, humor, and generosity will quickly win you over. Even when they're going through tough times, people born in November can still manage to say something nice to others.


Flower Of The Month Of November - Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums - The Perfect Gift Idea

Sending a bouquet of these time-honored flowers is a surefire way to make the receiver feel loved and appreciated. Because of the different meanings associated with different colors and shapes, you can customise this present to be uniquely meaningful.

Since chrysanthemums are sometimes called "mums," it seems sense that they are given to mothers on Mother's Day. Because of the hope and happiness they represent, these blossoms are ideal for honoring moms.

Chrysanthemums that are visibly drooping and wilting shouldn't be purchased, as they will recover rapidly after being watered, but the blooms won't stay as long as they normally would. Furthermore, keep an eye out for chrysanthemums that have been overwatered. They won't be as healthy as they could be if they are allowed to sit in a waterlogged potting mix.

In addition to the symbolic significance of chrysanthemums, which has previously been discussed, they also provide a gentle, cool vigor. They are particularly attuned to the chi flowing through the organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lungs, and spleen), therefore they will also improve the health of their lucky receiver.