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February 13, 2023 4 min read

Philippines’ Best Gift Ideas for Her



So many things, so little time! Is there ever enough time to get the perfect gift for her? She’s the woman who raised you, or the gal who’s stuck with you through the golden ages of women. Or maybe she’s the one who you spent your entire life with. We have a list of some special gifts for ladies, so take a look! Who knows? You might get a little idea of what she wants.

Whether it’s a birthday gift for your picky BFF, a present for your pregnant co-worker, or a Mother’s Day gift for your cool aunt, we believe you got what it takes to get her a thoughtful gift she’ll cherish for years to come! 


Gifts For Women in Their 30s

First things first, priorities change when a woman enters the third decade of her life. You make mistakes in your 20s, and then they become life lessons in your 30s. The transition period into adulthood is over, and it’s a new phase of her life! Let’s celebrate it with some practical gifts for her. 

Your Cooking Friend


Did you watch your sister move out of the house recently? Or maybe even your eldest daughter. Well, she will love this housewarming gift. An air fryer is the perfect gift for someone who wants to significantly cut down on the cooking time. Plus, it’s also a good start for people who are just learning how to cook. This household gift is sure to tell her that you’re supporting her on her journey of independence and new beginnings!


The Gift of Heat

If she’s going through some major back aches throughout the day, this is probably the best gift for her. A heating pad is great for people who love heat therapy, and understandably so! There is nothing more therapeutic than the sweet, sweet burn of a heating pad. Whether she has trouble sleeping, or if it’s her time of the month, or pregnant, a heating pad will accompany her through the pain. This is a great gift for yourate.

A Sip To Relax

She’s a career woman now! Get her a thermos flask so she can keep her hot things hot and her cool things cool. If she’s stuck in a meeting, at least now she knows she has a drink waiting for her back in her office. Because of its durability, this is a long-lasting gift that has so many benefits! She’s a girl boss who needs her thermos, so give her the opportunity to carry her comfort drink around.

Gift Ideas Ladies in Their 50s Will Enjoy

Looking for the best gifts for mom? Yeah, sure you may not have much time for her, but make it up to her with these gifts. If you’ve got a mother figure in your life, show her you still care about her. It’s not that hard, she just wants to be assured she still matters to you.

The Perfect Bouquet



The perfect way to say “I Love You” to the woman who taught you what love is, whatever love that may be. A bouquet of flowers is always the go-to when it comes to expressing one’s feelings. Such a simple yet grand gesture that is sure to leave a smile on her face when she remembers it. It also makes for great decoration so she can always put it up on display. 

The Entertainer

As we know, the Philippines is home to some of the best vocal powerhouses in the world. It’s never a party without someone singing! If you know someone who loves to host parties, a karaoke set is the ultimate gift to keep the night going. It doesn’t matter if she’s the next Lea Salonga or if she doesn’t know how to hold a pitch, she’s going to love singing along to old tunes whenever she gets the chance.

Scents For Her Me-Time Events



The thing about women in this phase of her life is that she’s prioritizing her health and wellbeing. In this era, scented candles seem to be on the wishlist every time - no matter the occasion! There’s nothing better than relaxing in a room with lit up scented candles. It’s a stress-relieving gift for her whenever she has the time for herself. Pick the perfect aroma to ensure she reaps the best of its benefits!

Presents For The Woman Who Has Everything

She’s an independent woman. Whatever she wants, she got it! She’s cool, she’s hip, she’s intimidating - but most importantly, she’s thetita who needs nothing. How do you get the perfect gift for the woman who has everything? Here’s a tip: Get some sentimental gifts for her. These are some gifts that will make her smile. 

Home Away From Home

We think we can agree that it’s time to reward that hard-working woman in your life with a staycation. This vacation idea would be a great opportunity for her to experience some quality Me Time! When was the last time you remember her going on a well-deserved holiday? Be the first person to offer her that chance, and you’re set to be in her good books for a while. 

Her Favorite Literature



She’s intelligent, so don’t be afraid to celebrate it. Picture it: Her curling up in the corner of the couch, reading a book that you got for her to read - it's honestly one of the most romantic situations to be in. A lot of women will agree that books are considered top-tier gifts. They’re thought-provoking and often can help you find a way to say things that you would find hard putting into words.

Finding the ideal gift for her might seem intimidating at first glance. But really, when you remember the essence of who she is, it’ll be a piece of cake. Now that you’ve got a list of gift ideas to start out with, go ahead and add an item to cart and check-out. It’s time to make her smile with these unique gifts today!