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Famous for being a pilgrimage site, Antipolo makes itself known as the "Journey Capital of the Philippines." The Marian picture of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or the Virgin of Antipolo, was initially provided from Mexico in 1626, and cherished in the Antipolo Cathedral among Filipino Catholics since the Spanish pioneer time. From being one of the regions of Rizal Province, Antipolo has turned out to be one of the quickest developing urban communities in the nation today, in light of yearly salary and populace.

The street to cityhood of the journey capital of the Philippines - Antipolo City - has been a long and winding one plagued by obstructions on its way. Be that as it may, the hard work and dedication of the locals have made for a leap in the progress of Antipolo, from a humble quaint town on the outskirt borders of Manila to a force to be reckoned with on it’s own.

Attractions of Antipolo

Its higher height than that of Metro Manila manages to make Antipolo a beautiful perspective of the city, particularly during the evening. Antipolo’s privately developed mangoes and cashews are prominent among vacationers, and in addition suman – a nearby delicacy made out of glutinous rice. The Hinulugang Taktak National Park, which was at one time a prevalent summer escape is being re established to end up again one of the city's essential attractions here at Antipolo.

Antipolo still reigns as one of Philippines’ most visited regions, raking in hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists every year. The rich culture and heritage of Antipolo is to be thanked for this, as well as being a region that has its roots deep in Spanish-Catholic history. Interesting places that should be checked out whilst in Antipolo include locations such as the Pinto Art Museum, Boso-Boso Church, Secret Garden of Doris, Hinulugang Tak-Tak Falls and many more!

Fresh Flowers Delivery in Antipolo

There are many other online flower delivery services out there, but count on Flower Chimp for being the one that’s both reliable and affordable! Our team of dedicated florists over at Antipolo are more than happy to put together a personal flower table arrangement, flower hand bouquet or flower stand all for your selection -so you’ll never have to worry about taking time out of your busy day to hunt for florists ever again. Wondering what bouquet is appropriate for your next occasion in Antipolo? Here are some suggestions of flowers to bring along (with their meanings!) so you can always be prepared to stand out and bedazzle with your selection of flowers.

  • Bloomy Days - These magnificent sunflowers are bursting with vitality and joy! The Bloomy Days flower bouquet sold in Antipolo is an extraordinary alternative to help with conveying your messages; even the things you cannot say. These sunflowers symbolizes the sun itself, passing on rays of gorgeous light and the warmth of your happiness.
  • Valletta - Valletta comes as a unique gathering of lilies, roses, and carnations -all packed with care and love by our team at Antipolo. Valletta is the perfect gift for birthday events, as well as get well wishes or even for a romantic event in need of a little jazzing up.
  • Red White, My Delight - A genuine gathering of sensual and grace; this rich bloom of flowers is made out of white lilies, red roses and carnations, and white daisy blossoms. An unbeatable blend of crisp blooms of flowers that compliment and highlight each other awaits you in Red White, My Delight at our Antipolo outlet.

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