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December 07, 2022 5 min read

Even if you're thousands of miles away, there are numerous ways to delight your loved ones. Sending surprise gifts, whether for a birthday, an anniversary, or simply because, may be the most appreciated gesture. This shows that you remember them on important occasions or even on random days and made the effort to organise a surprise and give them gifts.

A quick online search will yield a plethora of gift delivery services eager to handle your surprise for your loved ones. However, it might be daunting, especially if you have no idea what to give as a surprise. We've got the perfect surprise gift ideas for you, from scrumptious treats to personalised keepsakes!


Surprise Gift Ideas

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Surprise gifts can be anything from a bouquet of flowers to showing up at the door yourself - as long as it can be delivered to the recipient when they least expect it. Here are a few ideas to help you decide what to get as a surprise for your loved ones!


Deliver A Blooming Touch

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


The Helia bouquet from Flower Chimp is a radiant bouquet of luminous red roses, sunflowers, and sprays of white statice, fit for the most radiant of celebrations and surprises. Even if you're hundreds of miles apart, just the thought of receiving a bouquet of these cheerful flowers can put a smile on anyone's face.


A Surprise Home

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


A breath of fresh air is always welcome, making the Flower Chimp Overload flower vase the perfect unexpected gift. There is no such thing as "too many roses," which is why this vase arrangement of thirty roses of varying sizes is both an impressive show of affection and a welcome enhancement to any genuine relationship, no matter how far away the two people involved may be physically.


For Those Who Love Gifts

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Two is better than one, indeed, but take a look at Flower Chimp's Festive Trove Birthday Bundle which has everything you need to make someone smile. Enhance their festivities with the ideal birthday bundle – a treasure trove brimming with seasonal cheer! Our Lovely Lillian floral arrangement, along with the delectable Barrel of Festivities chocolate cake, provides you with everything you need for your party! A cheerful birthday balloon, a soft teddy, candles, and even party decorations - The ideal set for adding a touch of magic to their special day.


For The Childly Craving

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


If you're ever at a loss as to what to present as a surprise, you can't go wrong with Sweeter Together. Sending someone you care about a chocolate bouquet as a surprise is guaranteed to put a smile on their face, whether it's a happy occasion or not. You can't go wrong with a bouquet of chocolates when you want to make someone feel extra special. 


Surprise Birthday Gift For Boyfriend

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


We are always looking for new ways to express our love for our boyfriends. You'll soon run out of ideas, from planned dates to showing up to their football game. Although your lover is well aware of your feelings for him, this should not stop you from going above and above for him. And one of the best ways to do it is to give him a surprise gift. These suggestions, ranging from the introspective to the applicable, are guaranteed to spark further inspiration.


To Never Missing Beat

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Men have a reputation for being difficult to shop for, but if you stick to the newest tech, you won't have any more issues. The Forerunner 255 will be both a pleasant and useful surprise for your lover. You won't have to worry about his well-being again so long as he keeps wearing this present, thanks to cutting-edge technology that monitors the wearer's energy levels and provides insights into the quality of their sleep.


For Every Walk Of Life

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


If you and your boyfriend are truly in love, then you already know each other's shoe sizes, and you should consider getting the Esplar Leather Sneakers as a surprise gift for him. There are very few outfits that sneakers can't be worn with. With the newest sneaker trends, guys can dress up or down as they like, expressing their individuality through the clothing they choose to pair with their fashion sneakers. 


Accessorize With Soul And Style

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


The Frosted Black Titanium Ring is the best way to carpe noctem, whether you're buying it for a special occasion or as a surprise for your lover. Its unique black colour suggests that only a very special man could pull off this surprise gift. Frosted Black rings are as magical as they are enigmatic. The frosted coating and the deeper inlay finish give the classic comfort-fit black rings a touch of magic.


Best Surprise Gift For Girlfriend Long Distance

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Only those who have been in a long-distance relationship understand how difficult it is to be apart from your loved one. Although online dates can keep the flame alive, you might want to consider surprising them with presents to genuinely catch them off guard. This not only rekindles your love, but it also shows your significant other how much you value them. With so many options available online, let us assist you in narrowing it down!


To Complete Every Look

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Knowing by now that the only thing that can come between you and your girlfriend is a handbag, the Carrie Handbag would be a great surprise gift. There will never be a time when women aren't preoccupied with handbags. A girl's handbag, as the idiom goes, is her entire universe. The  Carrie Handbag is a portable universe wrapped in a security blanket. With always having items like tissues, lip balm for chapped lips, and emergency makeup, this present is sure to be appreciated.


A Personal Touch

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


It's true that time apart can strengthen a relationship, but it's no picnic. The Love Bond braceletsare a great way to feel close to your loved one even when you're separated by miles or even just the day. The newest trend in jewellery is long-distance relationship bracelets, also known as bond touch bracelets, and they provide the greatest sense of solace to couples who are unable to see each other frequently due to distance.


Click Beyond Your Reach

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Make a great impression with the smallest Polaroid camera. The new Polaroid Go camera is the ideal long-distance surprise gift for your girlfriend because it allows you to create large works of art in a compact form. Get to know your new wearable, portable, and versatile creative partner: a camera with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from their more established models, plus a whole lot more. With this thoughtful present, you're enabling someone you care about to preserve precious memories, especially those shared with you.


Surprise Gift Delivery Philippines

Surprise Gift Ideas In Philippines 2022


Having trustworthy assistance is crucial when sending presents via delivery to guarantee the safety and integrity of the gift being sent to the recipient. You can find them readily online in the Philippines, but we work with local merchants to bring you the best online gift purchasing possible.

Flower Chimp is the greatest florist in the Philippines and the go-to for surprise gifts, according to those in the know about gifts and flowers. Flowers make an excellent choice as a heartfelt surprise gift because of the effect that nature's offerings have on our emotions.

Flower Chimp ensures the utmost freshness of each stem by employing both time-honored techniques and state-of-the-art technologies during the harvesting process. Florists have the training and experience to design unique arrangements that highlight the unique qualities of each flower. The easiest method is to have these unique masterpieces delivered to the recipient's home as a complete and total surprise.