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July 27, 2023 3 min read

August Birth Flower Gladiolus - The Sword of Summer Blooms!

Summer is in full swing, and as the sun graces us with its warm embrace, nature puts on a vibrant display of colors. August, the month of endless adventures and lazy days, is here, and so is its delightful birth flower - the magnificent Gladiolus! Step into the enchanting world of Gladiolus as Flower Chimp, your go-to online flower shop, brings you a bouquet of fun facts and a burst of creative flair.



A Dazzling Introduction to Gladiolus

When you lay eyes on the Gladiolus for the first time, you might wonder if you've stumbled upon a secret garden where mythical warriors once roamed. Gladiolus, derived from the Latin word "gladius," meaning "sword," stands tall and proud like a fearless warrior of the floral realm. Often called the "Sword Lily," this captivating bloom boasts a long, slender stem adorned with a graceful line of striking blossoms that resemble an exquisite blade.


Colors of August Splendor

Oh, the kaleidoscope of colors that the Gladiolus offers! From soft pastels to vibrant hues, there's a Gladiolus for every heart's desire. August's birth flower boasts a color palette so diverse, it rivals the grandest summer sunsets.

Imagine sending your best friend a bouquet of Gladiolus in cheerful yellow, symbolizing friendship and new beginnings, or expressing admiration with striking red blooms that convey deep passion and love. For those who seek balance and harmony, the serene lavender Gladiolus will surely win their hearts. With such an array of shades, Gladiolus takes on the role of a charming chameleon, adapting to suit every occasion.



The Glorious Gladiolus - A Token of Strength

Beyond its sheer beauty, the Gladiolus carries a meaningful message, one that speaks of strength, honor, and moral integrity. In ancient times, these elegant blooms were associated with gladiators, the valiant fighters of the Roman Empire. As they clashed in the arena, the Gladiolus served as a reminder of their courage and determination.

Today, the Gladiolus continues to symbolize strength of character and the ability to stand tall in the face of challenges. It serves as a thoughtful gift to cheer up a friend, lift the spirits of a loved one, or celebrate someone's perseverance and achievements.


Flower Chimp - Sprinkling Floral Magic, One Delivery at a Time

As much as we adore the grandeur of Gladiolus, Flower Chimp believes in celebrating all the blooms that nature has to offer. While we don't currently have Gladiolus in our collection, we take pride in delivering a kaleidoscope of other stunning flowers to the heart of Manila.

At Flower Chimp, we understand the language of flowers - the unspoken emotions they carry, the joy they bring, and the memories they create. Whether it's a bouquet of radiant roses to express your love or a bundle of cheerful daisies to brighten someone's day, our floral artisans craft each arrangement with love and care.

With Flower Chimp, sending flowers to Manila is a breeze! Our user-friendly website and efficient delivery service ensure that your thoughtful gesture reaches your loved ones just in time to paint a smile on their faces.



Embrace the Sword Lily's Charm

As August rolls in, let the glorious Gladiolus inspire you to embrace your inner strength and savor the simple joys of life. Whether it's a sunny bouquet on your dining table or a surprise gift to a dear friend, let the Sword Lily's charm enchant your world.

At Flower Chimp, we'll be here, hand-in-hand with you, celebrating life's precious moments, one flower at a time.

Spread love, share joy, and let the flowers bloom!