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October 14, 2020 2 min read

Flower Facts and History

Roses are originated from North America, Asia, Northwest Africa and Europe. They belong to the Rosaceae flower family and comes in the shape of a woody perennial flowering plant. The dashing rose flower often comes with petals of 5 and 5 sepals underneath the petal. Commonly known as prickles, the rose thorns come in the shape of the outgrowth of the epidermis and often come with variety of colors such as red, pink, white, purple, yellow, and orange.

The rose flower is mostly used in forms of gifts, perfume, food, drink, medicine, and culture art, but here at Flower Chimp, roses are given as a memento of expression or feeling; a reminder to our beloved ones of how we keep them very close at heart. The rose flower is easily a symbol of our love when it is sent as a gift as the stunning flower itself speaks a thousand words.


Meaning of The Rose Flower

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a bouquet or arrangement decked with roses. One of the reasons the red rose has been nicknamed the lover’s rose is that is it the symbol of love. Aside from signifying the three powerful words, red roses are also a symbol of endless affection, commitment and devotion. 

Roses are often the common choice when it comes to expressing one's heartfelt emotions of love. Being one of the highest demands in the flower market, it is also highly suitable for almost all occasions that comes to mind. For example, a surprise gift, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals and many more. Given as a nice gesture to express one’s true appreciation and admiration for their loved ones, the roses flower is always a sweet surprise to make someone's day.

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