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Funeral / Condolence Flower Etiquette

There is nothing more sincere than expressing your deepest condolences through a bouquet of life’s most purest symbols -flowers. Attending a funeral is a hard enough task, but it is definitely a more trying time for the family and friends of the deceased, so why not show what actions cannot through a delicate flower arrangement?

A little goes a long way, but if occasion requires; grandeur can also be incorporated through your selected arrangement of funeral flowers. Whether you’re opting for a simplehand bouquetof white roses or a more elaborate decoration oftable arrangements ranging from carnations, daisies and lilacs -the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing from Flower Chimp Philippines’ selection of funeral and condolences flowers. Craft your thoughts and prayers into something so pure through a handheld bouquet to give to a grieving family, and let us fill in the blanks where words could never be enough.

At such an event like this, we here at Flower Chimp understand the need for some sensitivity and urgency. With the same-day delivery option for orders before 4pm (Manila Time), you can count on your hand crafted funeral flower arrangement and bouquet arriving straight at your doorstep just in time for the occasion.

What Flowers Do You Get For A Funeral?  

It is during times like these when the knowledge of flowers and symbolic meanings behind them come in handy. Emotional occasions such as funerals and wakes in the Philippines require a certain finesse when it comes to crafting flower arrangements, so it is important to know your flowers first before shopping for ones that can perfectly convey your feelings of respect for a loss. Some sympathy flowers to opt for would be those like:-

  • White Lilies - You can never go wrong with bringing a gorgeous bouquet of white lilies to a funeral. This is the most common type of flowers during the time of grieving, as white lilies symbolize the purity of a soul once it has left this world. Innocence and simplistic elegance is reflected onto every stalk of a white lily; so if you’re looking for something minimal and yet strong in meaning, you’ve just found it.
  • Roses - Although roses are most commonly associated with romance and relationships, pastel colored roses can be the perfect addition to your funeral bouquet. Roses remain to be the foolproof flower to send out to a loved one, and funerals are certainly no different. If the occasion requires, you can opt for darker roses to convey your emotions of sorrow and grief.
  • Chrysanthemums - Perhaps another symbolic flower for funeral arrangements, the chrysanthemum comes as the perfect way to leave something simple and sweet when offering condolences. In many parts around the world, the chrysanthemum is widely known for giving out the message of grief -so keep this flower in mind if you ever have to attend a funeral service.

Keep in mind that even though funerals are a time to grieve and mourn over the loss of a loved one, it can also be a time for many to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. If he or she was joyous in their life, it would make sense for some people to prefer sending brightly colored flowers! Depending on every personal preference, the dedicated team at Flower Chimp will be delighted to aid you in this process of sending funeral and condolence flowers to ease your burden -whether or not it’s to sensitively remember a life or to celebrate one respectfully.

Is It Alright To Also Send Add-Ons With My Bouquet?

If you would like to make your bouquet or funeral flower arrangement extra special, feel free to choose from our existing selection of little extra gifts to bring. A small box of chocolates or tidbit food would be greatly appreciated by the mourning family as you also get to convey your care and concern for their well being throughout this period of time.