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Notting Hill

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Product Description

As versatile as London's beautiful neighborhood, this gorgeous bouquet comes with red roses, pink lilies and rose carnations wrapped in our luxurious gifting paper. An true all-rounder for a variety of occasions such as birthdays, romance and anniversaries. 

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Based on 5 reviews
Great service!

None, great service thanks :)


Thank you for the quick delivery.

A few issues... could be better.

If possible, you could inform client that flowers will be delivered in x number of hours of between the hours of X to X. The allowance during valentines day was a bit much (anytime between 8 am to 7:30 pm) what if there are other plans of the customer? Can yo imagine if the flowers arrived too late and the customer already left for dinner? Yeah, that would be a bad experience and even if the explanation is we cannot guarantee the delivery time etc. etc. " is not going to fly with customers when the hear about it. 2020 na po tayo hindi 1990s. There is GPS tracking and the delivery guy is on a motorcycle. And for special occasions like Valentines there should be more delivery units activated so as to shorten the delivery time (ex: Order will be delivered between 8:30 am and 12 nn. or 1:30 pm -3pm. etc. etc) and also include such options like "in case the intended recipient is unable to receive the order at such time please contact us @ xxxxx to coordinate for an adjusted time for delivery.For things like Valentines timing is very crucial. If Flower Chimp screws it up and gives the usual canned excuse you know that will resonate within the industry and among potential clients. No one will risk their Valentines moment if the company has a bad mark.NOW in MY case I had no bad experience. The flowers arrived late in the afternoon and my wife was there to receive it. So it was a good win for all. However, if we had plans to go out for dinner those flowers would have arrived late na. So there is that. Anyway for the price it was a bit steep but AGAIN Valentine's Day. Hope to use your service next year :)Cheers!"

Commendable job.

I would like to commend Ms. Axel for being very accommodating and supportive. Excellent job. Although you may want to implement a cellphone hotline instead of the standard email updates.

Keep flowers fresh at all times

Place some water capsules in the stalk-end so the flowers remains fresh.