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What Are The Project Areas?

In Quezon City, there are a fair number of project areas. These are collectively known asThe Project Areas. In total,The Project Areas are 8 in number. The concise development ofThe Project Areaswas undertaken by three Philippine presidents; PresidentQuezon, PresidentQuirino, and PresidentMagsaysay. They understood the dire need ofProject Areas

Before the advent ofProject Areas, there was an insufficient amount of living areas in the Philippines. After gaining independence from the British,The Project Areaswere launched, initially headed by President Quezon. 

The first ofThe Project Areas, Project Area 1, was constructed in Roxas District. Out of allThe Project Areas, this one is the most flower-oriented. It has 3 areas, with 27 streets named after flowers. People in search of flowers should visitwww.flowerchimp.com.ph for a full catalog of luxurious bouquets. Flower Chimp’s delivery system extends into all ofThe Project Areas, so shipping is convenient and, more importantly, free of cost!

The second and third units ofProject Areaswere developed by President Quirino. Flower Chimp’s flower delivery is also valid in these areas. The fourth unit ofThe Project Areasis in Cubao. Cubao is largely under the influence of the Araneta family. There is a lack of florists in Cubao. As a result, residents of this unit ofProject Areasmay have to order flowers online for themselves, or their loved ones. Flower Chimp delivers anywhere, so a bouquet can be booked for direct delivery to the home of a loved one inThe Project Areas, making for an extremely convenient gift. Send bouquets from Flower Chimp delivered toThe Project Areasto a friend for theirbirthday or to one’s mother forMother’s Day. If a friend inThe Project Areashas had anew baby, send them a basket of flowers from Flower Chimp’s collection. 

New Month, New Flowers!

Flower Chimp also offers monthlysubscriptions to residents ofThe Project Areas. Every month, a gorgeous, lush bouquet or flower vase arrangement will be sent to the given address inThe Project Areas. There is no additional cost for delivery toProject Areas. In fact, by choosing a monthly subscription, customers may also save money on flowers. All bouquet subscriptions are for 1500 Pesos, and Vase subscriptions are for 2200 Pesos. They are a great subscription for anyone living inProject Areas.

What is Life Without a Touch of Nature? 

The Project Areasgenerally do not have a notable amount of greenery in them, ordering flowers online is a brilliant way to add a touch of nature to any home inThe Project Areas. The whole family will surely appreciate the pleasant freshness that flows into the home when a fascinating arrangement of flowers is displayed inside the home. Brighten up life inThe Project Areaswith a terrific flower bouquet.

The Project Areasscheme 5 is alternatively referred to as Barangay E. Rodriguez. It is a healthy neighborhood with affordable housing and great options for online flower delivery by Flower Chimp. Barangay project 6 ofThe Project Areasis also a great locality for families.The Project Areas6 is, conclusively, also an ideal neighborhood to display Flower Chimp’s bouquets. 

The Project Areas7 contains the Veteran’s Village andThe Project Areas8 encloses the barangays Bahay Toro, Baesa and Sangandaan. All in all, there are these 8 schemes inProject Areas. They are famous for being organized and overlooked by the government and provide a convenient means of living and shelter for the people of the Philippines.The Project Areasare all located within the vicinity of Quezon City.

The Project Areassupport Flower Chimp’s delivery services. Go ahead and order today usingthis link. Happy Shopping!