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Taguig, a city part of the Metro Manila division in the Philippines is unique from other cities throughout the Philippines. One reason for this would be that Taguig contains the Bonifacio Global City (prevalently referred to just as "BGC"), Metro Manila's second most critical business area and a noteworthy tourism, shopping, culinary and amusement hotspot in the heart of Taguig. Different attractions also incorporate the Manila American Cemetery and the wealthy neighborhood of McKinley Hill -just another plus point of visiting Taguig!

Taguig - from a fishermen's village to a leading business centre

From being a progressive fishermen’s society along the shores of Laguna de Bay, Taguig is now presently a leading private and business-related centre that is connected to heart of the Philippines. Prior to when the Spaniards came, Taguig was once a place of Chinese settlements -a fact discovered after finding glasses, plates and different utensils, which bear Chinese characters- and is rumored to have been around since China's Ming administration. Taguig was one of the soonest known regions to have been Christianized when the Spaniards prevailing with regards to enslaving territory Luzon through the Legazpi endeavor in 1571. As per the 2015 registration, Taguig is the seventh-most crowded city in the Philippines, after Zamboanga City; and now has a population of close to 900,000 people.

Taguig's Bonifacio Global City was also based upon current ideas of urbanism, including a great deal of modern architecture and state of the art style, which together with a clean finish has crafted it into a city that is gorgeous from the inside out. The BGC territory in Taguig, with its cutting edge high rises, displays of contemporary design, wide walkways, road craftsmanship, and a few blended utilized advancements containing bistros, eateries and shops, can be considered as one of the most amazing sights in Taguig. It is a region that merits a place high up on our list of must-visits when in Taguig.

Get Flowers All Over Taguig

So what’s some good flowers to get around in Taguig? Although a town that has been urbanized, Taguig is still a region that emphasis culture and history above anything else. A good way to show you appreciation for the culture around Taguig? Flowers, of course! Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for good flowers around Taguig:-

  • Birds of Paradise - The Bird of Paradise has different symbolic meanings throughout Taguig. As a local lily from South Africa, flexibility and magnificence are the two customary implications that emerge the most. The Bird of Paradise likewise implies a sovereignty ancestry or bearing because of its relationship with families of royalty. Therefore, the Birds of Paradise can be used for a formal event around Taguig -you’ll surely never go wrong!
  • Carnations- Around Taguig, carnations are also used in some teas to soothe pressure, weariness, stress, sleeping disorders and even female hormonal mood swings. They are additionally utilized as a part of back rub oils to treat skin aggravations or lessen the presence of wrinkles. Taguig is also famous for using carnations in their Mother’s Day events, so take note if you ever need a gift for the queen of your heart.
  • Sunflowers - Both present day individuals and those of the past connect the Sunflower with warmth, inspiration, power, quality, and satisfaction since it looks to some extent like the Sun itself. In Greek folklore, it's attached to an account of a fairy who turns into the bloom in the wake of losing her affection. Sunflowers can be found littered throughout Taguig; which also brightens up their environment and culture.