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Iloilo is known as the "Heart of the Philippines" as well as "Asia's City of Love". Iloilo City is a travelling center point where the best eateries, galleries, lodgings, shopping regions, and nightlife in the region are gathered to provide both locals and tourists alike with a cultural experience of a lifetime. Iloilo is most known for the yearly Dinagyang Festival, dazzling legacy destinations, delightfully crisp fish, and mark Ilonggo dishes. Iloilo is likewise home to numerous Spanish-frontier holy places, amazing vintage houses, and old business and institutional structures that have also given Iloilo the nickname amongst Filipinos as "Ruler City of the South."

The Paradise of Iloilo

In case you were wondering, Iloilo is the perfect piece of paradise in every way. Iloilo is sufficiently enormous to offer attractions and activities of the urban hotspots you get in Manila, yet sufficiently little to stay open and sensible. Ilonggo, the general population of Iloilo, are legitimately glad and associated with their city's past and put resources into its future. Come to Iloilo for captivating history, exciting nightlife and a natural plethora of gorgeous views and terrains.

Iloilo's pleasures beyond flowers

In the middle of cafe and restaurant-hopping, it would do you good to visit Iloilo’s cherished authentic sites scattered over various locale in the city. Walk the roads of Iloilo City Proper to discover as of late reestablished legacy structures along Calle Real, the city's old focal business region, and different corners of the downtown zone like Plaza Libertad, and the Iloilo Provincial Capitol grounds. Go to the locale of Jaro and Molo to visit hundreds of years old holy places and the city's most fabulous familial houses that have survived the trial of time. To begin, take a voyage through the Jaro Cathedral, Lizares Mansion, or even the Casa Mariquit to fully take in the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of the region; an experience you just cannot forget.

The Flowers of Iloilo

For nature sweethearts, there are numerous invigorating cascades, climbing trails, and good country zones in Iloilo's focal mountains, simply holding up to be found. All of these and more can be found in spots such as Bucari, Igbaras, Janiuay, and Calinog as well! Another wonderful piece of Iloilo? Their abundance of flowers, of course! Iloilo’s gorgeous tropical and monsoon climates make it the perfect catalyst to to hold blooming and diverse species of flora throughout the year; which makes our job all the more enjoyable.

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