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Located deep in the Central Visayas, Cebu is another gem from the Philippines -and Flower Chimp now delivers straight to the region! Cebu is a gorgeous island, surrounded by another 167 or so smaller islets that perfectly resemble what it’s like to live in undisturbed natural harmony and peace. Not only is Cebu’s location an ideal getaway, Cebu City also happens to be Philippines’ oldest city and first ever capital of the country; a rich and cultural region brimming with development.

The Beautiful Island of Cebu

The name Cebu stems from the Cebuano word sibu, which roughly translates to “the art of trading”. This applies to their history of being a trading hotspot back in the 16th century. Since then, Cebu has grown to become the most densely populated island in the country of Philippines. Although it has many attractions, Cebu is a relatively small island filled with friendly and helpful locals that are willing to share their rich knowledge and culture of the island to tourists. Because of this, Cebu holds down it’s fort as its tourism numbers continue to go up, up and up -raking in almost 2 million travellers a year! You have to visit Cebu at least once in your lifetime, you’ll be missing out on too much if you don’t.

Beyond Cebu City

The island maintains not only a rich historical attraction, but natural beauties scattered across the region. Some good places to visit whilst in Cebu would be the Bounty Beach, Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Kawasan Falls and Logon Beach to really take in what makes Cebu such a special place that definitely needs a place on your travel list. Cebu’s climate, for example is adept at supporting all manners of beautiful flora and fauna -with their tropical weather being an excellent natural conduit. You never have to worry about packing heavy when it comes to visiting Cebu, just light attire would do!

Cebu -A Natural Paradise!

Cebu holds a special place in our hearts as they’re also wonderfully littered with nature’s best; flowers! Paired with a wonderful tropical climate, rolling hills and dense forest areas, it is without a doubt that Cebu gifts us with gorgeous species’ of flowers at every corner.  Also known as the “Queen of the South”, this tiny piece of paradise knows no bounds when it comes to vibrant, healthy flowers blooming all year round. Cebu’s perfect weather and geographical location also make for a getaway that simply looks and feels pleasant at every point of the year.

Sending flowers to Cebu with same day delivery

Want a made-from-scratch flower bouquet delivered on the same day? Place your orders before 4pm (Metro Manila time) and have your arrangement by the end of the day -just in time for that special occasion. Flower Chimp is dedicated to bringing you the best of Cebu’s flowers at the best prices, so scroll above for the best deals! You’re bound to find something you love here at Flower Chimp’s Cebu flower deliveries, so waste no more time worrying. Browse through our selection of discounts and other deals to get your very own flowertable arrangement,hand bouquet or even extravagantflower stands with delivery to you in no time all around the region of Cebu. Our team of florists on hand are prepped and ready to customize your very own bouquet, finished off with a special message to a loved on. Just choose your favorite from our variety of white lilacs, red roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, daisies, baby’s breath and countless others that stand out from the crowd. Happy shopping!