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May 31, 2022 2 min read

Aahh the Rose – the eternal picture of love and romance. All of us have experienced an exchange of roses in our youth – whether as the giver or receiver (especially on Valentine’s Day). As cliché as the flower is, the Rose is the most common yet beautiful of all the blossoms. This flower holds a world of meaning, symbolism, and culture. Today, we look into the meaning behind the flower for the month of June – the Rose.


If you don’t know what a rose is, it’s time to educate yourself. This exquisite flower is the first flower most of us learned about in preschool. The curved petals most commonly seen in red, are a picture of passion, love, and even… lust.


Growing Roses

The rose bush is unlike the typical flower stalks we get during Valentine’s Day. Roses are perennial plants that blooms all year round. This low-lying shrub is thick with leaves of emerald-green with hard stalks.



Flowers peek through the top of the bush adding blobs of vivid, contrasting color. Not many people grow roses, but the few that do claim that they are easy to care for. Roses grow best in medium to cool temperatures – from tropical to Mediterranean climates. 


Rose Colors and Their Meanings

Not all flowers were created equal. Each has its own meaning and symbolism. Roses in general are symbols of love and passion. However, each different color has a signature meaning behind it. Let’s explore some meaning of each rose flower color below:


Red: Love




Pink: Beauty




White: Innocence/Purity




Orange: Excitement




Yellow: Friendship



Purple: Royalty



Follow this easy guide above for specific meanings of each rose color. Roses as gifts are a sure sign that you’ve grown up and are mature in your gift-giving practices. And with the guide above, you’ll know exactly which one to get to celebrate each moment.



Now that you know more about what the colors mean, you can send some as gifts to the ones you love. Don’t wait for the right time to send a sweet bouquet of roses to someone you love. We know that roses symbolize love. But they can also be a sweet surprise to a family member or a friend living far away. Bridge the distance with a candid bouquet of roses.


Rose Bouquets are The Perfect Gifts

Flower Chimp brings a world of options when it comes to rose bouquets. Take a look at our range of arrangements with roses in them. Add a little more life to each bouquet and make it a bundle of presents. You can add in chocolates, cake, a balloon, even a plush teddy!



Choose any one of the options below and add them to-cart. Flower Chimp also offers same-day delivery on rose bouquets. Be sure to place your order before the cut-off time daily to enjoy same-day delivery. Flower Chimp is proud to deliver roses within the Metro Manila area each day. So, order now!