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May 05, 2022 2 min read

Shopping for flowers could be fun and somewhat therapeutic activity that we could do. One way to buy flowers for someone or simply to pamper yourself is to choose flowers for each month. Enter the Lily of The Valley – the flower for the month of May. This underrated blossom is one of nature’s most humble, yet beautiful blooms found in most colder climates. Here in the Philippines, it is rather uncommon as we tend to get more tropical varieties of flowers.

So, what’s so special about the Lily of The Valley. Let’s look at some interesting facts about the flower of the month of May – Lily of The Valley.


A Little Background

Every flower has a meaning, a history, and a long line of stories that stem from it. The Lily of The Valley is no exception. First discovered in the 15th Century, the flower was used in various salves and balms despite being toxic to humans. Its poisonous characteristics come from cardiac glycosides that can cause organ failure and ultimately, death if ingested.

The Lily of The Valley has significance in Christianity as it is associated with Jesus Christ. Jesus is often referred to as the Lily of The Valley in both hymns and sermons. It is also commonly seen in weddings – most recently the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011. The Lily of The Valley is the flower for the month of May because it is also referred to as May Bells and May Lily.


Lilies are Perfect This Month

Lily of The Valley is most common in white color. However, variations of the species come in purple, blue, and pink. The plant is a low-lying shrub that stems out of the ground with long, thick, green leaves reminiscent of tulips fronds. Dainty buds peak out from the flowering stems bloom downwards, creating a bell-like look.


The Lily of The Valley’s fragrance is sweet, making it a perfect addition to any bouquet or flower arrangement. Although the flower is uncommon here in the Philippines, we have varieties of lilies that match the color and fragrance of this iconic flower. Here at Flower Chimp Philippines, lilies are some of our favorite blooms. Choose from bouquets, flower baskets, standing arrangements and a whole lot more. Can’t think of any? Go with these options below for quick and easy selections.