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February 10, 2021 4 min read

Globally celebrated, International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements and it marks a call to action to achieve full gender equality for both women and men. As the organisers stated, "Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.”

5 Reasons Why We Need To Celebrate International Women’s Day

The Usual Stereotypes

Women have been haunted by a stereo the type for the past centuries and it has been holding the women society back for too long. Till this very day, the world lacks powerful women who play a big role in society such as female CEOs or politicians. This also includes the man-dominated idea that women should all be a girly girl who dresses in pink, that women should be nurses but not doctors, they should do yoga and not boxing or that they should be educated but never an engineer. For a change, women should have the rights to choose what they would want to do, be, go, marry or love.

Women’s Education Level Is Lower Than Men

Studies and research have shown that the number of educated women is lower than men globally. In modern days, there are still parents who push their sons to be well educated and neglect their daughters. It may come as a surprise that it could be happening to anyone you know or even the person right beside you.

Gender Pay Gap

As time has changed over the years, there is still a substantial gap between female and male employees at work. Studies from the World Economic Forums claimed that the gender gap, sadly, will not come to an end while you, I, or our children are still around. It was said that it would most likely to be achieved at the end of the next century. We can accelerate the movement towards equality in the workplace if we begin with making small changes; little by little in our daily lives which will slowly make an impact in a long run.

Violence Against Women Is Not Acceptable

It is truly upsetting that violence against women is so common that it has populated the headlines, global news, and social media. After countless arguments against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men, the#MeToo movement finally gave women a source to let their voices out on the abuse and harassment they have been suffering in film, fashion, music, politics and art industry. Violence against women is not acceptable and with gender equality, it will take away the rights of men to disrespectfully abuse women mentally or physically or give them the chance to take advantage of women without consequences. Women will finally be treated respectfully; how they should have been treated all these while.

Victim Blaming Still Exists

It never gets easier seeing rape cases going viral on the news or social media. Believe us when we say, it is still happening till this very day. Globally, rape occurs every single day and rape is completely not acceptable as it breaks anyone inside out, take away their dignity and makes them lose they self-worth they have for themselves; as if she was chewed alive and what makes it even worst is when the victim takes all the blame at the end of the day. Whether women are in shorts or a tank top, it does not give men the rights to label women as indecent just because they are wearing something labelled as “too revealing.” Women go through hormonal changes so often and it is not easy to juggle your daily life when everything inside of you is constantly changing. So why is it so hard to allow them to dress as they please without being shamed for it? They have it just as hard, under different circumstances. Men should learn a thing or two about controlling their hormones as to when they see women. Moving forward, we do not accept excuses such as “she was asking for it!” or “she was trying to seduce me.” As much as women do their best to continue to be kind and considerate to men, men should do the same for women. Women dress up to feel good and confident about themselves and it is not to please men and their desires.

It’s time for us to make a change and it begins with us today. Stop enabling situations where it puts women down and it goes both ways. We can achieve gender equality if both men and women work together as a team.

Flower Chimp Philippines encourages you to express your appreciation and love for all the women in your life. Show your support by sending them the gift of beautiful blooms to let them know that you are a friend they can always count on. No matter if you are male or female, the road to gender equality is long but we can make it there if we work together.